The Civil War in Oakland County, Michigan

After being involved in Oakland County Republican politics for nearly 8 years, I have seen a lot. Nothing surprises me. Although I have been quite outspoken, there is a new battle brewing. Unfortunately, this has been growing for quite some time. The Republican civil war is most noticeable in my hometown county of Oakland. Our county has been under stellar Republican leadership for over 40 years and has had one of the greatest county executives in the country, L. Brooks Patterson. However, as Mr. Patterson gets older, the thought of who will be replacing him has come up more. Actually, no it hasn't the County party has been stuck in neutral struggling to find its identity. The reason for so much confusion is that the county like many others has trended more Democratic in recent years and the party has to decide how to win elections. Does it continue to push a very socially conservative view or does it moderate? To make things matter more difficult, the rise of Ron Paul Libertarians have brought a voice (sometimes very loud) to the party. These past few months there has been what can only be described as an all out war between all the different factions.  

At one meeting, a resolution was passed to confirm as an executive board the national party platform. The last time I checked, we are supposed to try and find and grow our party on a county level, with county issues. Our job is to grow the party. The libertarians wanted to pass an asset forfeiture resolution and some other things as well. In the meeting that I have attended the discussions of how to get any and ALL republicans elected has not been discussed. We have become so fractioned that we are incapable of getting anything done!

The civil war rages. The libertarians have lost any control over being respectful and have pushed back and become an unnecessary and uncooperative thorn in the county party. The Conservative end is too rapped up in social issues to care about the moderate end of the county, which we need to win county elections and the moderates (myself included), have give up being nice to the crazies from all spectrums. There are good people in all parts, but all sides need to chill out and shut their mouths for a second.

The national and State parties must heed this warning and understand that Oakland County is a microcosm if Michigan and the United States and not just the Republican Party. As Oakland County goes, the state goes, and the county goes. In a Presidential race, Oakland county determines, republican or democratic presidents. It would be wise for the State Party to realize that while we have not lost Oakland County yet, within a few short years, it will be completely blue and will have everlasting effects on the national race. --Michigan will switch from a shade of purple to deep blue.

What can be done?

We need to stop being one issue voters. As much as we want to say that we view all issues and vote for the best candidate, we don't. In our county, if you don't believe that abortion needs to be stopped, that the federal government is evil, or that we all need to arm ourselves, than I won't vote for you. Let me be clear, I don't give a rats ass what anyone actually believes in their personal lives. However, lets start getting ALL republicans elected. Different cities and areas will elect different republicans. That is ok. On a county level, we need to find leaders. Where are our leaders? Where are the people that are able to bring all sides together and create a strategy to win?

The answer at the moment is, nowhere.

Why Jews Don't Vote Republican
It has become the age old question in Republican meetings, "Why don't Jews Vote Republican?" By itself it seems like a simple question and usually the people asking it, ask it with sincerity. However, even though I am a Republican and Jewish the question still irks me. Jews are not a monolith. The variety of opinions are many. In order to really understand this question you have to understand a few things about the past history and current history of the Jewish People.

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. There are people who are fervently religious to those who don't believe in God at all, and everywhere in between. The fervently religious make up roughly 10% and more than half are not religious or affiliated at all. Further complicating things is that the 40% that are left are make up of traditional, reform and conservative Jews. Conservative Judaism branched off of reform about 80 years ago. With all this in mind, it is no wonder why we as a community don't agree. But that still does not explain why even with all the varying degrees of religiosity the majority still vote for the Democratic Party.

What I hear most often from people who are Republican is "we are so pro-Israel, why don't they vote for us". Regardless of how I feel about Israel, the last time I checked, I am an American citizen and my grandfather fought in the Philippines as an US soldier. Whether people realize it, the question is slightly obnoxious. The Jewish community has faced thousands of years of persecution, we are happy and proud citizens of the United States. While Israel matters tremendously. Traditionally both parties have been pro-Israel. Republicans usually 60/40 over Democrats. Although this seems to be changing.

However, that does not mean that Israel doesn't play a vital role in the way we vote and think. Modern Israel was founded on May 15, 1948. In the past 70 years it has become the largest home for Jews from across the world. The United States is now second. The relationship between Jews and Israel is complex. Non religious Jews view it as a homeland for Jews and its safety is vital. Depending on how liberal their views are will be the determining factor for how they vote. Considering that 40% are not orthodox and 50% are unaffiliated, it is no surprise that many are so left leaning. In my estimation, probably 30% of the larger Jewish community are very liberal and will never vote Republican. Israel is a non issue and it does not matter how bad Obama is on Israel. For the rest of us, Israel plays a vital and crucial role in how we vote, but not singularly. If there is one point that I would like to make is that --Jews are generally not single issue voters.

I would venture to say that most fall into the middle of the road category, some leaning more left and some more right. We are proud of our heritage and our history. We are proud citizens of this country. While Israel plays an important role in our hearts, our heads also take into account social and fiscal policy. When looking at the Jewish community, please keep in mind all these things.

Let's Talk About Sex

This gem was posted shortly after the revelations of Josh Duggar admitting that he molested young girls including some of his sisters.

If you were disgusted by what Mr. Hughley wrote, good, that means you are decent human being. Being a Church going member does not make you more likely to be a child molester Mr. Hughley --shame on you!

We should be talking openly and honestly about sex. To begin, all religions have molesters because unfortunately we have a thing called the human condition. We all have flaws. Some flaws are minor and some are horrendous. Josh Duggar has some major issues. The authorities will have to deal with him from a legal standpoint. However, should be say that because he was a religious Christian, that going to church encourages molestation. Would we say this about religious Muslims, Hindus, or Jews?

Why can't we talk about sex in a way that doesn't demonize and skirt around the issues. If Mr. Hughley wanted to talk about home schooling and possible socialization issues that may be connected, that would be fine.

Molestation is a serious issue and cannot be dealt with by church, synagogue or mosque alone. It is a serious topic that should be coordinated with legal authorities. The reason, I feel, that religious institutions don't deal with these topics properly, is that they feel these individuals made a one time mistake and that they can be helped. Unfortunately, most of the time this is not true.

It is time for our religious institutions to openly talk about our faults, not to demonize, but to heal. There are members of ALL of our churches and synagogues that should not be shielded. Instead of shunning the Duggars, let's learn from their mistakes.

No More Conservatives

This morning on my way to work I tuned into Bill Bennett's Morning in America. It is always  pleasure listening to him since he generally approaches politics in a very pragmatic way. My late mother also gave me one year a couple of his books for Hanukah. I think of her when reading his history books.

There is a new push on his show for something called Your Voice, Your Ad. It asks people to make a 30 second spot on why they are voting Republican. Today was all about moderate voices within the party. My ears perked up, I heard ad after ad that if played in my area, would garner many votes. I was so excited until I heard an ad that I felt missed the mark. It is something that even Presidential hopefuls make the mistake. She gave a whole speech and then she said, this year she is voting Conservative.


The last time I checked, we have a two party system. You may have conservative views, but that means you are voting Republican, since they most align with your views. You see, when we box ourselves as; conservatives, libertarians, moderates, black, white and everywhere in between, we are leaving no room to accomplish anything. There is no room disagreement and there is no room for consensus. There is no room for winning elections. Please do not make the mistake of identity politics. Unfortunately there are too many people on the left of the political spectrum that make that mistake. It was not until very recently that many on the right started doing so as well. Therefore, this next election, be conservative, be libertarian, be moderate even liberal; but please vote Republican.

The Left is Anti Science

I normally don't lead with any sort of my credentials, but for nearly 5 years I ran a green energy and green jobs website. I watched green technology grow and change. I was interviewed numerous times about green energy on Voice of Russia radio. With that being said, I believe green technology, like any technology is good. We can have a different discussion about that later.

One topic that was intertwined unfortunately with green energy was Global Warming. Yes, when I started, it was called global warming. After a few years, that became unpopular and it became Climate Change. Now it has changed again and is known as World Climate Change. Now, what is important about whatever it is called is, --Every scientist agrees that climate change is happening. Except the ones who don't, but the overall consensus do and the ones who don't are outliers. Climate deniers are terrible people and are ridiculed mercilessly.

Another scientific consensus point is evolution. (Honest point: While I am not sure I believe in evolution, it certainly doesn't bother me either.) Since evolution is agreed upon by all scientists, anyone who disagrees must be ridiculed mercilessly.

Are you catching a theme?

A third example, The Big Bang Theory. In this theory, there was an initial explosion from a single molecule or point. (Beats me, I got my degree in political science.) There is an overall scientific consensus and everyone agrees and anyone who doesn't is ridiculed mercilessly.


In the last case most agree on the Big Bang, but there is a Big Difference. The Big Bang is a theory and more than that, it helps give people a proof that some sort of being, --God, exists!

Here is the take away.

There is no such thing as settled science. There is settled science --for now. Things can change instantly. Please don't misunderstand, I like science and in general have no issue with believe in evolution, climate change or the big bang. I am only pointing out the utter hypocrisy of people who ridicule and shame people who don't believe what they do. It is primarily people on the left that do this. If people on the left were truly intellectually honest, they would believe in a higher being, call it God, that started the planet. They should then start ridiculing mercilessly atheists.

I want a Raise!

Every once in a while someone in Washington says something absolutely crazy and outlandish. Actually, it probably happens quite a bit. Representative Alcee Hastings this week lamented that Congressmen and their staffers need a raise. Since 2009 there has been an overall freeze on pay in DC, and the budget of each staff has been cut tremendously. His argument was that it is very difficult to live in DC on $174,000 a year.

I normally do not lament of pick on people who are looking for a raise or a CEO making a boat load of money. I don't think that Congress is particularly over paid either. However, they serve at the will and the paycheck of their constituents. Mr. Hastings has been representing his district in Florida for over 20 years. Apparently he has been able to suffer through the high price of housing fairly well. It is important to note that he is 1 of 8 judges to be officially impeached. If you want to know more about the esteemed member, check out Wikipedia. He is know for his nepotism more than his political accomplishments.

The average household in his district makes roughly $52,000 a year. I am sure that no one in his district would not mind switching positions with the congressman. But before we go further let's be fair, it is fairly expensive to live in DC and also pay for your house back in your district. By being a congressman you are serving the people and I am sure that there is some toll on family life. However, there is a simple solution to the expense of DC. --Live in an outlying neighborhood. You see Washington has some of the best public transportation in the United States. People do not have to live where the pricing is outrageous.

Does Mr. Hastings need a raise? Probably not.

To Core or Not to Common Core: That is the Question

There has been a HUGE debate about Common Core. This debate has been extremely heated. Before we go into the nitty gritty of the debate. Let's start with some definitions. Here is an excerpt from the site:

"The Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. The standards were created to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of where they live. Forty-three states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have voluntarily adopted and are moving forward with the Common Core."

This seems pretty straight forward. You should be proficient in math and English by the time you finish high school. The reason these standards are so important is because so many of our schools are failing students. Many graduate high school functionally illiterate. I believe most of us want and expect standards for our kids.

However, is it the responsibility of the federal government to mandate and many times force local schools into these standards. My answer may not be popular but YES! If we continue at local levels to produce uneducated kids that cannot contribute to society, then our society will be weaker. I don't care how great our constitution is (which it is), if our workforce is so dumb, the republic will fail. Common Core is a matter of self preservation.

Do I want local schools to have some control over the content and not have incredibly dumb math questions that no one understands? Sure. But the point is, schools are failing, maybe, just maybe, it is time for a federal standard.

Failure of our Moral Imperative

This week we saw the fall of Ramadi in Iraq, the continued influx of migrants from Africa across Europe and the general rise if ISIS across the world. We saw suicide bombers across places in the Middle East and even some unrest at home in the United States. --Where are we?

Meanwhile my Twitter and Facebook feeds tell me how many fetuses are aborted on a daily basis. 500 people were murdered by ISIS and we just fall into a lull, that is overseas and they should just figure things out by themselves. If we can about the potential of human life with a 20 week ban, shouldn't we be in the streets demanding that the United States does something about the spread of Radical Islamists?

I usually shy away from being so public my Jewish teaching but there is one that comes to mind. "Do not stand by idly on the blood of your friend." Meaning --If you can do something, do it! America has the worlds greatest Army, Navy, and Air Force. We can and must do something. If you want the financial reasons, simple. The migrants who are being slaughtered or risking life and limb to get to Europe are creating a financial burden that could collapse economies. We should not need a financial reason for this however, we have a moral imperative.

We failed that imperative in WWI with the Armenians. We failed that imperative in WWII with the Jews. And we are failing that imperative today with the Christians. Let us act now before it is too late.

Obama: The most Anti-Israel President Ever

A few days ago I opened the newspaper to find a warning from the United States to citizens living in Israel, it seems mostly to Arabs. Avoid crowds and large gatherings on Nakba Day as it can be unsafe.
First an explanation of "nakba" otherwise known as the disaster. Today, May 15th is the day that Israel declared Independence. A day of joy and celebration. Nakba are what some Arabs call this independence day -a disaster.
The United States a few days ago did more than just acknowledge the "disaster" that is the State of Israel. In some ways encouraged the Palestinians to never acknowledge the State. Can you imagine any Foreign Leader calling July 4th a disaster? (maybe the Ayatollah of Iran, but we are peace partners with him now)
When did the Nakba become an official commemoration among arabs?
Until 1988, there was no such animal commemorated as nakba. It was not until Yassar Arafat coined the term. He was very strategic in his planning. A lie told often enough will eventually be thought of as truth. It took 27 years for the United States to elect the most left wing President we have ever had. Today on Israel's Independence Day, Yassar Arafat is no longer spinning in his grave, he is smiling and celebrating Nakba with Barack Obama.

Is the Republican Party Dead?

This afternoon I was listening to the radio and heard an interview by Sean Hannity. He was speaking with Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal. He spoke very well against common core and the need to have funding follow the child and not the school. I was fairly impressed by the things he was saying and then it struck me that I don't think he said once.
-Republican. He spoke the entire time about conservative ideals. Houston we have a HUGE problem. I know that there is a big push to be the "most conservative" within the party. But, people are leaving out the most important part -The Republican Party. How are you going to represent the party and not mention that these are Republican Ideals. The back and forth about common core can be the most interesting party of being a Republican. We don't always agree on a topic, but can have a civilized discourse.
If an individual wants to be a conservative and not a Republican, that is fine. However, there are way too many candidates running for the Republican nomination that are shying away from mentioning that they are actually Republican.
If they don't want to be Republican, how can they expect any voter to want to punch the R in the ballot box in 2016?

Cost Cutting Convenience: An Amtrak Story

In the wake of the Amtrak rail disaster, a Congressional panel is cutting Amtrak funding, failing to restore a 15 percent cut made earlier. The Transportation Budget includes a $270 million cut in Amtrak funding to nation's only real passenger rail service. This follows other rejections of funding sought by the White House for rail safety grants, as well as other increases, such as $250 million for state supported routes like those in Michigan and $475 million for Amtrak’s rail facilities and positive train control.

The biggest complaint about public support for mass transit - buses and rail - is that it all should be paid for at the fair box exclusively.

This is a bogus argument, because those making it have no problem taking government subsidies for the roads they drive on or the traffic enforcement all paid for by the government, i.e. everyone, including those who don't drive.

If the anti-mass transit people were honest about these libertarian beliefs, then they would insist that toll booths be put up by each driveway, so that they and all drivers would have to pay to use side streets, thoroughfares and highways, as well as for all street parking, not just downtown.

It is the government that builds, operates and maintains the roads. While drivers contribute a little through the 16 cent gas tax, they pay nothing toward parking and local roads. These and the unfunded portion of state and county roads, as well as US and Interstate highways, are paid for by all citizens, those who drive and those who don't.

So, either those who demand that the government stop subsidizing buses and trains are either disingenuous about their beliefs or just selfish.

Rand Paul: The Non Republican-Republican

I will spend a lot more time on Rand Paul than I did on Mike Huckabee. Lest anyone accuse me of picking too much on my fellow Republicans, please note, that when I get to serious candidates, I will be nicer. Until then, let's deal with Rand. Ah, where to begin?

Ron Paul

To be fair, I should not place everything that Crazy Ron does on his son, but we should be aware. One does not need to look further than PJ Media who rates him as the #5 purveyor of anti-Semitism. This personally gives me a lot of pause about his son, Rand. Is he different from his dad, or a sheep in wolf's clothing?

Israel and Jews

To be fair, he is a classic Ron Paul libertarian. In that, he wants to cut aid to all foreign countries, including Israel.  From what I can tell, he seams to not have the same disdain for Jews, or the knack for believing in conspiracy theories about 911 and Israel.


I am extremely wary of people who believe that vaccines cause or may cause autism. However, again to be fair, he seams to be adjusting his views on the topic. While I am not going to blast someone for changing their mind, it should be noted that he is softening his position on this topic.

Rand Paul is a very attractive candidate for people who are libertarian in their foreign policy and domestic thought. This actually cuts across political lines. Frankly, there are a lot of kooky anti-vaccine, anti-government and anti-Semitic people who view his views as refreshing. But buyer beware. At best he is going to moderate himself as President. At worst, you might end up with a President who is by far worse than the current one we have.

Is he a sheep or wolf? I'll let you decide.

Stop Blaming the Democrats!

Since my last post, I have been baffled why people who are in the inner cities and other places that have been run by Democratic rule don't consider voting for a different party? The answer is unfortunately very clear to me. The Democratic Party since the LBJ era has made everything about wealth redistribution. They took this line so far that in turn it has been fomented by many racist ideologies about people of color and whites. I am a firm believer that the majority of Americans want to send their kids to a good school, get a good job and to be left alone. While way oversimplifying, the reason civil rights was so powerful was because people just wanted the opportunity for opportunity. America is all about opportunity.

I don't believe that the social programs that we have are inherently bad. However, it opened the door to bad things. Communism, wealth distribution and anti-Semitism. Yes, I said it, people who buy into the wealth distribution model are more susceptible to believe that whites are trying to hurt people and many times, Jews are behind the whole thing, since we are so rich. One can look at the Occupy Wall Street site to get an insight into how this is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is a have and have not issue.

During the last Democratic National convention the party almost took out God and Israel out of their creed. If they would have separated Israel out, there was a very good chance that they would have left God in and Israel out. The reason that anti-Semitism has a stronger theological strain in the Democratic Party is because, Palestinians are non-white and therefore in the wealth distribution model, they are being taken advantage of by whites.

The current wealth distribution model uses race as the basis for all that they do. Individualism cannot overcome anything in this theory. No matter how hard someone works, they will NEVER be able to brake the long string of things holding them back. Let me be clear, any forms of actual racism, or failing policies that need to be fixed, should be fixed. Blame and tearing down individuals is not policy, it is a red herring used to push ideological agendas.

The Republican Party would do a lot better if they would uphold the individual and not attack the Democratic Party per se. Showing that the policies of wealth distribution have hurt people will help win elections.  The Democratic Party has been taken over by interests from the far left. By attacking the party as a whole, you lose old Democrats and the moderate middle. The individual should be given the opportunity to succeed with very few things holding them back. We must stem the tide of wealth distribution soon, because, it only increases hatred of ones fellow neighbors.

Dare to be Stupid - Radical Islam & Pam Geller

This week we witnessed a shocking attempted terrorist attack that Thank God left the attackers dead. Their target was a draw Mohamed cartoon contest. As the world has unfortunately learned many times is that Radical Muslims don't have a sense of humor at all. Drawing their prophet is something that they consider blasphemous. Cartoons have a long history of social satire that have been used for good and for very bad. During the pre-WWII era, cartoons depicting Jews as rats and subhuman was a way to demonize and eventually murder. One could make an argument that all Ms. Geller has been working to demonize and foment hatred for a Muslims.
Screenshot from Palestinian TV
This would be in fact very wrong. The winning cartoon was by most accounts tame, it highlighted that it is not the provocative drawing that Radical Islamists find offensive, it is the drawing of anything that elicits this response. --Would a stick figure of Mohamed count? As far as cartoons used to demonize large groups of people one does not need to look any further than the radical Islamists themselves. The Palestinian Authority regularly posts highly anti-Semitic cartoons. Even if you count only 10% of the Muslim world as radicalized, I will not be posting the Mohamed cartoon, way too many crazies to worry about.
I commend Pamela Geller in pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of these radicals.

We ARE a Racist Society

I was recently sent an article written by Jamie Utt entitled "What white folks need to know about the #baltimoreuprising." The article was a point by point view on the systematic oppression in the United States. It seems to me that the only people who are bringing race into this discussion is the author. Furthermore, to make a blatant statement about oppression and not provide ANY proof is yellow journalism.

"But I’m also frustrated and disappointed in how so many of us are choosing to direct as much energy as possible to blaming people of Color for their own oppression and to condemning them for expressions of grief and rage that make us uncomfortable and afraid."
A brief note, there is no excuse for the burning down of buildings and senior centers, none. Any rioters regardless of color should be held to the same standard. But again, this is NOT a race issue as the author wants to say, it is socio-economic. People in Baltimore have been given nearly no chance to succeed.
--Does that mean that somehow there is a systematic system meant to keep them from succeeding?
(Let me be clear, there seem to be some serious issues within the Baltimore Police Department that needs to be addressed. It would have behooved the Mayor to fix the problems. Keep in mind that she has been Mayor for 4 YEARS! You think with the amount of money that city has paid out in bad arrests, she would have fixed something.)
But the author continues...

"Why are we ten times more outraged by the setting of fires than by the racist, capitalist systems that produce the poverty that devastates communities of Color?"
Here the author shows their true bias. They don't want to help the "oppressed". The failure of Baltimore is not the fault of bad (democratic) leadership. It is the fault of the Capitalist society. The irony is that this gentleman is helping to push a system that keeps urban youth from entering into the "capitalist society" and therefore give themselves a chance to succeed. The author proves so early in his long diatribe that it is not the "White People" who are keeping blacks down, it is his toxic ideology.
As I have mentioned, this is not a racial thing. Yes, there is a racial component, but this has more to do with ideology. Baltimore has run on Democratic principles for nearly 4 decades. The State of Maryland is a blue state. The author does not place blame on that ideology, instead blames the United States Republic system as oppressive. Baltimore and many urban areas have too much crime, bad schools and not even close to enough opportunity. We have a major socioeconomic issue in our country. Unless we get serious and have adult conversation about how to fix this for ALL citizens --black, white, Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc, we will continue to see frustration.
Let us not hide behind "race issues", "racist, capitalist system" and red herrings. Let's talk about what we can do to address the extreme poverty and lack of opportunity. Let's not run from capitalism, but expand it. It is hard to love capitalism, when you live in a city with 30%+ unemployment. Finally, let's deal with bad policy and past slogans.

Grammar be Damned

Yesterday I wrote an article entitled, "Democrat Policies have Failed Baltimore". To be fair, I changed it to Democrat's because it distracted from people reading the article. However, the real question is, why was the title such a distraction? For some yes, it was a grammatical distraction. For others, it was an offensive use of the term Democrat? Really, I don't jest. I guess I am not the first to use this term. The only reason I can see why someone is offended by the term Democrat policies is that, well, they really do believe they failed.

First, the grammatical side. Please don't tell anyone, but, I was probably wrong. Democrat is a noun, and democratic is an adjective.

The main reason that I didn't want to use the term democratic policies is that I believe most people would think that somehow Republicans were involved in the democratic policies debacle of the City of Baltimore. It was the Democratic Party aka Democrats and their failed policies that were to blame. While I appreciate where some are coming from about "democrat party" being an offensive term, you would think that they would have more humor.

A history lesson of the term; Democrat Party. Apparently, democrat party stated to be a slang offensive term in the 1900's (who knew republicans were so hip).  Below are a few sources and good reading about the term democrat vs. democratic.

Whatever the case, if people in the Democratic Party of America would focus more on good policy and less time about looking to be offended by Republicans, they might even help their constituents that put them in power.

Democrats Policies Have Failed Baltimore

This week the world, and me was riveted by the "Baltimore Riots". Many things struck me on many levels. Almost all of them flow back to a failure by leaders in Baltimore. By the way, it is noteworthy that they are Democrats, far left ones for that matter. Let me start with a  few simple words for the rioters, and the people who made this a race issue; Shame on you and shut your mouths.

The only reason this is remotely a "black" issue is that unfortunately policies by Democratic politicians have utterly failed. Blacks disproportionately live in these areas are in turn adversely affected by these terrible policies.

Many people are quick to point out the breakdown of the inner city family, the dependence on welfare programs and failing schools. These are true statements but really don't help in getting to how we got here. Unless we dig deeper in order to find out the root causes of the breakdown than the breakdown will continue.

I am sure there are other issues of course, but I believe the #1 thing that can be remedied are schools.

Lest I be accused of not offering solutions, here goes:

Before I begin, I would like to thank my wife for some of these ideas and my smaller brain for the others.

From Kindergarten, children need to be taught a curriculum that teaches how great America is. This does not mean that we glaze over the horrendous and heinous issue of slavery, but, it does mean that we push our kids to believe that they can do anything and be anything in one of the greatest countries that has ever existed. Once a student reaches high school, they should be given the choice of college or trade school. There should be a dual enrollment for students. High school students should have an option of graduating as an apprentice in welding or the like(this was my wife's idea) or pursue college. Our students are the best and the brightest. If someone knows they are not going to college
 -- than what good have we as a society done for them by leaving them with no options?  

Democrats have consistently pushed for more money for education with little results. Instead, they have done the complete opposite of what I propose. My idea, would take the same dollars and focus them on helping the child succeed. In a city like Baltimore, the controlling people have never focused on creating winning strategies, only creating dependency on the party.

Here is my second simple, but not easy fix. Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Many of us are blessed to have a stable family and life. Assuming that 10% of the United States goes to church, than that makes potentially 300,000 people that could be volunteering as a Big Brother or Sister. This is the one thing that I believe nearly everyone agrees the governments can't do, RAISE CHILDREN. The old adage that everyone hates, "it takes a village". It is time for the village to step up.

Obviously there are more issues that get into police and how the interact with a community, that is for another post. In the mean time, please take a moment to volunteer.

Mike Huckabee Joins the Large Presidential Republican Field--Yawn

Today, Mike Huckabee joined the enormous list of Republican contenders. He joins the field late and brings absolutely nothing to the table. He is most notably from Arkansas, that's it. He has a history of making dubious medical claims. While I respect a lot of the work in the political arena, his medical work should disqualify immediately. All he does is take some money away from Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. And between them all, that does not leave a whole lot of money.

Not going to waste a lot of time on this one. Will be near the bottom of the pile and will drop out within a few months, at least should drop out within a few months.