Dare to be Stupid - Radical Islam & Pam Geller

This week we witnessed a shocking attempted terrorist attack that Thank God left the attackers dead. Their target was a draw Mohamed cartoon contest. As the world has unfortunately learned many times is that Radical Muslims don't have a sense of humor at all. Drawing their prophet is something that they consider blasphemous. Cartoons have a long history of social satire that have been used for good and for very bad. During the pre-WWII era, cartoons depicting Jews as rats and subhuman was a way to demonize and eventually murder. One could make an argument that all Ms. Geller has been working to demonize and foment hatred for a Muslims.
Screenshot from Palestinian TV
This would be in fact very wrong. The winning cartoon was by most accounts tame, it highlighted that it is not the provocative drawing that Radical Islamists find offensive, it is the drawing of anything that elicits this response. --Would a stick figure of Mohamed count? As far as cartoons used to demonize large groups of people one does not need to look any further than the radical Islamists themselves. The Palestinian Authority regularly posts highly anti-Semitic cartoons. Even if you count only 10% of the Muslim world as radicalized, I will not be posting the Mohamed cartoon, way too many crazies to worry about.
I commend Pamela Geller in pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of these radicals.