Democrats Policies Have Failed Baltimore

This week the world, and me was riveted by the "Baltimore Riots". Many things struck me on many levels. Almost all of them flow back to a failure by leaders in Baltimore. By the way, it is noteworthy that they are Democrats, far left ones for that matter. Let me start with a  few simple words for the rioters, and the people who made this a race issue; Shame on you and shut your mouths.

The only reason this is remotely a "black" issue is that unfortunately policies by Democratic politicians have utterly failed. Blacks disproportionately live in these areas are in turn adversely affected by these terrible policies.

Many people are quick to point out the breakdown of the inner city family, the dependence on welfare programs and failing schools. These are true statements but really don't help in getting to how we got here. Unless we dig deeper in order to find out the root causes of the breakdown than the breakdown will continue.

I am sure there are other issues of course, but I believe the #1 thing that can be remedied are schools.

Lest I be accused of not offering solutions, here goes:

Before I begin, I would like to thank my wife for some of these ideas and my smaller brain for the others.

From Kindergarten, children need to be taught a curriculum that teaches how great America is. This does not mean that we glaze over the horrendous and heinous issue of slavery, but, it does mean that we push our kids to believe that they can do anything and be anything in one of the greatest countries that has ever existed. Once a student reaches high school, they should be given the choice of college or trade school. There should be a dual enrollment for students. High school students should have an option of graduating as an apprentice in welding or the like(this was my wife's idea) or pursue college. Our students are the best and the brightest. If someone knows they are not going to college
 -- than what good have we as a society done for them by leaving them with no options?  

Democrats have consistently pushed for more money for education with little results. Instead, they have done the complete opposite of what I propose. My idea, would take the same dollars and focus them on helping the child succeed. In a city like Baltimore, the controlling people have never focused on creating winning strategies, only creating dependency on the party.

Here is my second simple, but not easy fix. Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Many of us are blessed to have a stable family and life. Assuming that 10% of the United States goes to church, than that makes potentially 300,000 people that could be volunteering as a Big Brother or Sister. This is the one thing that I believe nearly everyone agrees the governments can't do, RAISE CHILDREN. The old adage that everyone hates, "it takes a village". It is time for the village to step up.

Obviously there are more issues that get into police and how the interact with a community, that is for another post. In the mean time, please take a moment to volunteer.