Failure of our Moral Imperative

This week we saw the fall of Ramadi in Iraq, the continued influx of migrants from Africa across Europe and the general rise if ISIS across the world. We saw suicide bombers across places in the Middle East and even some unrest at home in the United States. --Where are we?

Meanwhile my Twitter and Facebook feeds tell me how many fetuses are aborted on a daily basis. 500 people were murdered by ISIS and we just fall into a lull, that is overseas and they should just figure things out by themselves. If we can about the potential of human life with a 20 week ban, shouldn't we be in the streets demanding that the United States does something about the spread of Radical Islamists?

I usually shy away from being so public my Jewish teaching but there is one that comes to mind. "Do not stand by idly on the blood of your friend." Meaning --If you can do something, do it! America has the worlds greatest Army, Navy, and Air Force. We can and must do something. If you want the financial reasons, simple. The migrants who are being slaughtered or risking life and limb to get to Europe are creating a financial burden that could collapse economies. We should not need a financial reason for this however, we have a moral imperative.

We failed that imperative in WWI with the Armenians. We failed that imperative in WWII with the Jews. And we are failing that imperative today with the Christians. Let us act now before it is too late.