Grammar be Damned

Yesterday I wrote an article entitled, "Democrat Policies have Failed Baltimore". To be fair, I changed it to Democrat's because it distracted from people reading the article. However, the real question is, why was the title such a distraction? For some yes, it was a grammatical distraction. For others, it was an offensive use of the term Democrat? Really, I don't jest. I guess I am not the first to use this term. The only reason I can see why someone is offended by the term Democrat policies is that, well, they really do believe they failed.

First, the grammatical side. Please don't tell anyone, but, I was probably wrong. Democrat is a noun, and democratic is an adjective.

The main reason that I didn't want to use the term democratic policies is that I believe most people would think that somehow Republicans were involved in the democratic policies debacle of the City of Baltimore. It was the Democratic Party aka Democrats and their failed policies that were to blame. While I appreciate where some are coming from about "democrat party" being an offensive term, you would think that they would have more humor.

A history lesson of the term; Democrat Party. Apparently, democrat party stated to be a slang offensive term in the 1900's (who knew republicans were so hip).  Below are a few sources and good reading about the term democrat vs. democratic.

Whatever the case, if people in the Democratic Party of America would focus more on good policy and less time about looking to be offended by Republicans, they might even help their constituents that put them in power.