Is the Republican Party Dead?

This afternoon I was listening to the radio and heard an interview by Sean Hannity. He was speaking with Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal. He spoke very well against common core and the need to have funding follow the child and not the school. I was fairly impressed by the things he was saying and then it struck me that I don't think he said once.
-Republican. He spoke the entire time about conservative ideals. Houston we have a HUGE problem. I know that there is a big push to be the "most conservative" within the party. But, people are leaving out the most important part -The Republican Party. How are you going to represent the party and not mention that these are Republican Ideals. The back and forth about common core can be the most interesting party of being a Republican. We don't always agree on a topic, but can have a civilized discourse.
If an individual wants to be a conservative and not a Republican, that is fine. However, there are way too many candidates running for the Republican nomination that are shying away from mentioning that they are actually Republican.
If they don't want to be Republican, how can they expect any voter to want to punch the R in the ballot box in 2016?