Let's Talk About Sex

This gem was posted shortly after the revelations of Josh Duggar admitting that he molested young girls including some of his sisters.

If you were disgusted by what Mr. Hughley wrote, good, that means you are decent human being. Being a Church going member does not make you more likely to be a child molester Mr. Hughley --shame on you!

We should be talking openly and honestly about sex. To begin, all religions have molesters because unfortunately we have a thing called the human condition. We all have flaws. Some flaws are minor and some are horrendous. Josh Duggar has some major issues. The authorities will have to deal with him from a legal standpoint. However, should be say that because he was a religious Christian, that going to church encourages molestation. Would we say this about religious Muslims, Hindus, or Jews?

Why can't we talk about sex in a way that doesn't demonize and skirt around the issues. If Mr. Hughley wanted to talk about home schooling and possible socialization issues that may be connected, that would be fine.

Molestation is a serious issue and cannot be dealt with by church, synagogue or mosque alone. It is a serious topic that should be coordinated with legal authorities. The reason, I feel, that religious institutions don't deal with these topics properly, is that they feel these individuals made a one time mistake and that they can be helped. Unfortunately, most of the time this is not true.

It is time for our religious institutions to openly talk about our faults, not to demonize, but to heal. There are members of ALL of our churches and synagogues that should not be shielded. Instead of shunning the Duggars, let's learn from their mistakes.