No More Conservatives

This morning on my way to work I tuned into Bill Bennett's Morning in America. It is always  pleasure listening to him since he generally approaches politics in a very pragmatic way. My late mother also gave me one year a couple of his books for Hanukah. I think of her when reading his history books.

There is a new push on his show for something called Your Voice, Your Ad. It asks people to make a 30 second spot on why they are voting Republican. Today was all about moderate voices within the party. My ears perked up, I heard ad after ad that if played in my area, would garner many votes. I was so excited until I heard an ad that I felt missed the mark. It is something that even Presidential hopefuls make the mistake. She gave a whole speech and then she said, this year she is voting Conservative.


The last time I checked, we have a two party system. You may have conservative views, but that means you are voting Republican, since they most align with your views. You see, when we box ourselves as; conservatives, libertarians, moderates, black, white and everywhere in between, we are leaving no room to accomplish anything. There is no room disagreement and there is no room for consensus. There is no room for winning elections. Please do not make the mistake of identity politics. Unfortunately there are too many people on the left of the political spectrum that make that mistake. It was not until very recently that many on the right started doing so as well. Therefore, this next election, be conservative, be libertarian, be moderate even liberal; but please vote Republican.