Obama: The most Anti-Israel President Ever

A few days ago I opened the newspaper to find a warning from the United States to citizens living in Israel, it seems mostly to Arabs. Avoid crowds and large gatherings on Nakba Day as it can be unsafe.
First an explanation of "nakba" otherwise known as the disaster. Today, May 15th is the day that Israel declared Independence. A day of joy and celebration. Nakba are what some Arabs call this independence day -a disaster.
The United States a few days ago did more than just acknowledge the "disaster" that is the State of Israel. In some ways encouraged the Palestinians to never acknowledge the State. Can you imagine any Foreign Leader calling July 4th a disaster? (maybe the Ayatollah of Iran, but we are peace partners with him now)
When did the Nakba become an official commemoration among arabs?
Until 1988, there was no such animal commemorated as nakba. It was not until Yassar Arafat coined the term. He was very strategic in his planning. A lie told often enough will eventually be thought of as truth. It took 27 years for the United States to elect the most left wing President we have ever had. Today on Israel's Independence Day, Yassar Arafat is no longer spinning in his grave, he is smiling and celebrating Nakba with Barack Obama.