Rand Paul: The Non Republican-Republican

I will spend a lot more time on Rand Paul than I did on Mike Huckabee. Lest anyone accuse me of picking too much on my fellow Republicans, please note, that when I get to serious candidates, I will be nicer. Until then, let's deal with Rand. Ah, where to begin?

Ron Paul

To be fair, I should not place everything that Crazy Ron does on his son, but we should be aware. One does not need to look further than PJ Media who rates him as the #5 purveyor of anti-Semitism. This personally gives me a lot of pause about his son, Rand. Is he different from his dad, or a sheep in wolf's clothing?

Israel and Jews

To be fair, he is a classic Ron Paul libertarian. In that, he wants to cut aid to all foreign countries, including Israel.  From what I can tell, he seams to not have the same disdain for Jews, or the knack for believing in conspiracy theories about 911 and Israel.


I am extremely wary of people who believe that vaccines cause or may cause autism. However, again to be fair, he seams to be adjusting his views on the topic. While I am not going to blast someone for changing their mind, it should be noted that he is softening his position on this topic.

Rand Paul is a very attractive candidate for people who are libertarian in their foreign policy and domestic thought. This actually cuts across political lines. Frankly, there are a lot of kooky anti-vaccine, anti-government and anti-Semitic people who view his views as refreshing. But buyer beware. At best he is going to moderate himself as President. At worst, you might end up with a President who is by far worse than the current one we have.

Is he a sheep or wolf? I'll let you decide.