Stop Blaming the Democrats!

Since my last post, I have been baffled why people who are in the inner cities and other places that have been run by Democratic rule don't consider voting for a different party? The answer is unfortunately very clear to me. The Democratic Party since the LBJ era has made everything about wealth redistribution. They took this line so far that in turn it has been fomented by many racist ideologies about people of color and whites. I am a firm believer that the majority of Americans want to send their kids to a good school, get a good job and to be left alone. While way oversimplifying, the reason civil rights was so powerful was because people just wanted the opportunity for opportunity. America is all about opportunity.

I don't believe that the social programs that we have are inherently bad. However, it opened the door to bad things. Communism, wealth distribution and anti-Semitism. Yes, I said it, people who buy into the wealth distribution model are more susceptible to believe that whites are trying to hurt people and many times, Jews are behind the whole thing, since we are so rich. One can look at the Occupy Wall Street site to get an insight into how this is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is a have and have not issue.

During the last Democratic National convention the party almost took out God and Israel out of their creed. If they would have separated Israel out, there was a very good chance that they would have left God in and Israel out. The reason that anti-Semitism has a stronger theological strain in the Democratic Party is because, Palestinians are non-white and therefore in the wealth distribution model, they are being taken advantage of by whites.

The current wealth distribution model uses race as the basis for all that they do. Individualism cannot overcome anything in this theory. No matter how hard someone works, they will NEVER be able to brake the long string of things holding them back. Let me be clear, any forms of actual racism, or failing policies that need to be fixed, should be fixed. Blame and tearing down individuals is not policy, it is a red herring used to push ideological agendas.

The Republican Party would do a lot better if they would uphold the individual and not attack the Democratic Party per se. Showing that the policies of wealth distribution have hurt people will help win elections.  The Democratic Party has been taken over by interests from the far left. By attacking the party as a whole, you lose old Democrats and the moderate middle. The individual should be given the opportunity to succeed with very few things holding them back. We must stem the tide of wealth distribution soon, because, it only increases hatred of ones fellow neighbors.