The Left is Anti Science

I normally don't lead with any sort of my credentials, but for nearly 5 years I ran a green energy and green jobs website. I watched green technology grow and change. I was interviewed numerous times about green energy on Voice of Russia radio. With that being said, I believe green technology, like any technology is good. We can have a different discussion about that later.

One topic that was intertwined unfortunately with green energy was Global Warming. Yes, when I started, it was called global warming. After a few years, that became unpopular and it became Climate Change. Now it has changed again and is known as World Climate Change. Now, what is important about whatever it is called is, --Every scientist agrees that climate change is happening. Except the ones who don't, but the overall consensus do and the ones who don't are outliers. Climate deniers are terrible people and are ridiculed mercilessly.

Another scientific consensus point is evolution. (Honest point: While I am not sure I believe in evolution, it certainly doesn't bother me either.) Since evolution is agreed upon by all scientists, anyone who disagrees must be ridiculed mercilessly.

Are you catching a theme?

A third example, The Big Bang Theory. In this theory, there was an initial explosion from a single molecule or point. (Beats me, I got my degree in political science.) There is an overall scientific consensus and everyone agrees and anyone who doesn't is ridiculed mercilessly.


In the last case most agree on the Big Bang, but there is a Big Difference. The Big Bang is a theory and more than that, it helps give people a proof that some sort of being, --God, exists!

Here is the take away.

There is no such thing as settled science. There is settled science --for now. Things can change instantly. Please don't misunderstand, I like science and in general have no issue with believe in evolution, climate change or the big bang. I am only pointing out the utter hypocrisy of people who ridicule and shame people who don't believe what they do. It is primarily people on the left that do this. If people on the left were truly intellectually honest, they would believe in a higher being, call it God, that started the planet. They should then start ridiculing mercilessly atheists.