We ARE a Racist Society

I was recently sent an article written by Jamie Utt entitled "What white folks need to know about the #baltimoreuprising." The article was a point by point view on the systematic oppression in the United States. It seems to me that the only people who are bringing race into this discussion is the author. Furthermore, to make a blatant statement about oppression and not provide ANY proof is yellow journalism.

"But I’m also frustrated and disappointed in how so many of us are choosing to direct as much energy as possible to blaming people of Color for their own oppression and to condemning them for expressions of grief and rage that make us uncomfortable and afraid."
A brief note, there is no excuse for the burning down of buildings and senior centers, none. Any rioters regardless of color should be held to the same standard. But again, this is NOT a race issue as the author wants to say, it is socio-economic. People in Baltimore have been given nearly no chance to succeed.
--Does that mean that somehow there is a systematic system meant to keep them from succeeding?
(Let me be clear, there seem to be some serious issues within the Baltimore Police Department that needs to be addressed. It would have behooved the Mayor to fix the problems. Keep in mind that she has been Mayor for 4 YEARS! You think with the amount of money that city has paid out in bad arrests, she would have fixed something.)
But the author continues...

"Why are we ten times more outraged by the setting of fires than by the racist, capitalist systems that produce the poverty that devastates communities of Color?"
Here the author shows their true bias. They don't want to help the "oppressed". The failure of Baltimore is not the fault of bad (democratic) leadership. It is the fault of the Capitalist society. The irony is that this gentleman is helping to push a system that keeps urban youth from entering into the "capitalist society" and therefore give themselves a chance to succeed. The author proves so early in his long diatribe that it is not the "White People" who are keeping blacks down, it is his toxic ideology.
As I have mentioned, this is not a racial thing. Yes, there is a racial component, but this has more to do with ideology. Baltimore has run on Democratic principles for nearly 4 decades. The State of Maryland is a blue state. The author does not place blame on that ideology, instead blames the United States Republic system as oppressive. Baltimore and many urban areas have too much crime, bad schools and not even close to enough opportunity. We have a major socioeconomic issue in our country. Unless we get serious and have adult conversation about how to fix this for ALL citizens --black, white, Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc, we will continue to see frustration.
Let us not hide behind "race issues", "racist, capitalist system" and red herrings. Let's talk about what we can do to address the extreme poverty and lack of opportunity. Let's not run from capitalism, but expand it. It is hard to love capitalism, when you live in a city with 30%+ unemployment. Finally, let's deal with bad policy and past slogans.