5 Ways Republicans Can Win Elections

Some people have pointed out and rightfully so that in many of my articles I spend a fair amount of time complaining without laying real solutions. In my last post I spoke about the ongoing war in the Oakland County Republican Party. In fact it was highlighted nationally by the grandstanding of Senator Rand Paul. Generally speaking my view is that the role of the government is to protect its citizens, follow the constitution and provide the greatest opportunity to all for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sounds easy right? In order for any of this to work there has to be a restoration of trust in Government. Currently it stands at under 20%.

1. Republicans must restore faith and trust in government. Grandstanding and not passing basic budgets do more to not only hurt the party, but it hurts the country. Republicans must show that they care for the country above their political future. This is a long term issue that is first and foremost. Unless faith and trust is restored, nothing else will matter.

2. All politics is local. In each state there are two or three main counties that have a major impact on the outcome of State and National elections. Most of these are Urban Counties that the party ignores. In Michigan it in Oakland County, which is not an urban county, but the urban areas are largely ignored. The reason for the failure of Republicans there is a top down approach. Most people want to be listened to. A good start for the Republican party is to hold open forums with its delegates and listen. Don't argue, don't dismiss, bring people into the fold.

3. Show up to events. Broad outreach can only be done face to face. In order to show people you care, you actually have to care. There are plenty of events in Republican strongholds that candidates love to show up to. But there are many others that they avoid and frankly, people notice! One short but very powerful example. When I ran as a candidate locally, I went to a council meeting in Royal Oak Township. When I introduced myself as the Republican candidate, I was laughed at, out loud. I stood my ground and told them I was there just to listen. I received more votes from the township than George Bush that year. Target the 4th of July parades in heavily democratic districts, people will notice.

4. Understand the words that are coming out of your mouth. Many republicans avoid the media because they feel that their words are being distorted. Sometimes that is true. But many times, people say really stupid things. Republicans are held to a higher standard because, the party itself holds itself to a higher standard. Here is the easy part, don't say anything bigoted, racist, sexist or homophobic. That doesn't mean you can't have an opinion, please do, but present it from an honest and caring viewpoint.

Here is the harder one. Many rail against public transportation, busing and say how much money is wasted. While most agree they can be run more efficiently, the people who take public transportation are poor and need it to feed their families and pursue the American dream. By being so short sited, leaves people to realize that you really don't care about them at all. Republicans must want everyone to succeed.

5. Don't ignore the media. If you are uncomfortable going on camera and afraid of being blasted, create relationships with them. Have a meeting and buy them a beer, give them a scoop. If you scratch their back, they will help you. Avoiding the media altogether will only perpetuate them working against you.

I hope that this gives a clearer view to all candidates and party officials on an easy outline to win elections. Focusing on the restoring trust by listening is the easiest way to earn votes. It is probably why the first Republican, Abraham Lincoln called it a government by the people for the people.