Abortion: The Easy Topic to Avoid

This may come as a shock to some, but not all religions view abortion in the same strict manner as Christianity. But before we get into some of the very interesting theological divides, let's start with some basic facts.

-In nearly all 50 states, if you harm an animal, you are either facing a misdemeanor or many years in prison.

-A fetus is a live (potential) being.

Now the theological and political. Abortion has always been a very hot topic. Please don't misunderstand me, abortion is an abhorrent thing and the wholesale practice of it is extremely gross. All life should be viewed as precious. I think this what moves me to call for the absolute destruction of ISIS in order for people in Iraq and the Middle East can live in peace. it bothers me tremendously that we are more bothered by the destruction of potential human life, but are very blasé about Radical Islam.

I also appreciate the fact that many Christians view abortion as murder.

However, there are religions that view it not as murder but as killing of a potential life. And while I would agree that wholesale abortion is a terrible blemish and has a detriment on society, that does not mean that we should outlaw the practice. The Jewish view differentiates between murder and killing. Murder is done on a living human. The killing of a fetus, no matter what stage is the killing of a potential human life. I know that may not sit well with many people and goes against what many believe. But, when a Republican candidate gets the Right to Life questionnaire and does not get the nomination based on Christianity's view of abortion it does not help the great Republican Party. We become narrowly focused.

I am not asking anyone to give up their beliefs or to stop fighting and educating how bad abortion is. What I am asking for is for people recognize that if I don't have the same strict views does not mean that I am pro abortion. I just want to not this be the focal issue. We lose many good candidates and easy elections because of this.

With that being said, if you are a sadist, go into abortion and avoid kicking dogs.