Following Detroit

In case you live outside of Southeast Michigan, let me catch you up to speed on what just happened in Wayne County and why you need to know. Wayne County is the home to the City of Detroit. As you may know, Detroit just exited from bankruptcy and is hopefully on its way back to financial stability. Unfortunately, for as bad financially Detroit was, the County is in even worse condition. It has a 45 million dollar structural deficit. It has a tremendous amount of corruption and slush funds. While the blame can easily be placed on horrendous Democratic leadership, more blame should be placed on businessmen who essentially stole from the county as well.

Today Wayne County finally declared a financial emergency. All the years of corruption finally took its toll. It took a new leader who was not afraid to reach out to Governor Rick Snyder and ask for the tools necessary.

The long history of theft in that county is sad but a lesson can learned. Cooperation for the greater good of the citizens. Executive Warren Evans is a black democrat and the Governor is a white Republican. And the only reason to mention that is to show that race actually does NOT matter. We are all citizens of the great state of Michigan and we want everyone to succeed. The last Executive was white who allegedly stole and created endless opportunities of corruption for whites to steal from the black citizens of Wayne County. That is a different story.

I commend Warren Evans and have been impressed and hope he is able to do what is necessary to pull Wayne County out of financial despair and lead it to prosperity.