It's All About Love

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States decided that gay marriage is legal across the 50 states of the Union.

This was without a doubt a sweeping change both legally and culturally. Personally, I have been an advocate of allowing gay marriage, but something about the ruling seemed, hollow. With many states allowing gay marriage already, would reciprocity have taken place sooner or later and therefore not needed the Supreme Court to step in. I have been extremely critical of my fellow Republicans who come out against gay marriage in a homophobic way. There is room to be anti- gay marriage but not anti gay.

Now the tables have turned. Everyone's pictures on Facebook are rainbow. Even the White House was lit up in celebration. Left to the side were the religious individuals who have a sincere and biblical belief that it is wrong. While some who are in favor of gay marriage recognized this, many mocked and wagged fingers at Christians, who they saw as backwards and bigoted. How sad.

People have been set in recent years to divide and conquer. Debate has been squashed and dissenting opinions are disregarded. I say to the left and right, it is not the Supreme Court decision that will be the downfall of our society or the great equalizer. Destruction of open debate and disagreement, that is destroying our country.