It's as simple as that

What has the political leadership done for the Deep South in the past five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Fifty years? The answer is simply nothing in terms of way of life. Children's future are bleaker than they were when I was in high school. Their emotionalism leadership has brainwashed generations of voters into the most bitter voters we've seen since the 1960's which is when this emotionalism leadership began. Slowly but surely many have found out that since these officials have stepped into office it was never about their family needs or what they needed in the state they call home. It's about the self-interest. The total disregard and lack of empathy that the leadership has succumb to in Washington.

The Deep South has realized it's time for a change regardless of what letter is next to the name. They are tired of seeing their state stay in the same hole it's been in for decades all because of political brinksmanship. They now know that conservative ideas will not save them, nor liberal ideas are the perfect solution to the problem, but new and innovative ideas that will not only bring hope but results in the education, and healthcare system in their state(s); Two crucial issues that need to be addressed in their region.

It's not about who has the perfect solution it's about getting something done so our kids will have a brighter future, and you won't have to worry about not having enough money to pay your doctor bill or getting groceries this week. We need leadership who won't disregard the sick and unfortunate who cannot obtain basic healthcare in the name of politics. Their leadership is too worried about their elitist buddies in DC might think instead of doing what they vowed to do when elected, to help and serve the people of their districts and states to be our voice, not their own.

The people of this forgotten region deserves better, and if we expect it from our leaders shouldn't we expect it from theirs as well. We are the "United States" for a reason right? It's time we help elect leaders and not corporate sponsors. A strong new type of leadership who will listen to the people of South and fight for what they want in Washington. They want to change but in a region where the good ole boy system is alive and well as ever before we need to fight with them to help change the place they call home. It's as simple as that.