No Politics, Just Prayer

Yesterday we watched in horror the aftermath of the South Carolina Church shooting. A young racist asshole walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a bible study and murdered 9 black learners. Their crime was being black in the eyes of he shooter.

One of the more touching moments was watching the South Carolina governor hold back tears at the carnage. You see, I think the most important aspect about yesterday was that both black and white people were outraged, shocked, saddened and sickened. As a religious Jew I looked at the biographies of the martyrs and thought about how many orphans were left behind. The shooter in many ways brought Americans together in prayer.

And while I am tempted to share political thoughts. The only thing that should be expressed at this time are words of encouragement and love for the victims and their family. I pray that the carnage that happened inside that Church is not reflected on the true nature of the American soul. I pray that all citizens of this great nation unite to uplift a broken community. I pray that we show any person who wished to divide us along color barriers that they are wrong.

I hope that anyone who reads this considers doing something positive in memory of those who were murdered while studying bible. Even if you are not religious consider learning for a few minutes.