Take the Confederate Flag Down

I grew up in the Michigan. Growing up I learned the virtues of the this country and learned have an awe of President Abraham Lincoln. As an idealist I fight for the values that he instilled in the Republican Party and the Country. Traveling down south to Savannah, Georgia to visit my brother in-law is a really educational experience. There and many other places, the names of the streets are remnants of the Confederacy. There is a large Confederate war memorial in the big square. In the same breath many places are named after Lincoln. It was him, who saved the city from Sherman's march.

Wait, a Confederate soldier memorial? This is something so bizarre, the last time I checked, they lost. Lincoln himself was a big proponent of allowing people who fought for the confederacy to slip back into society as one under one flag. The war was over slavery, but also over ONE flag. That flag is the Stars and Stripes.

Just like we try and have immigrants integrate, we must finally put the Civil War behind us. No more, war of northern aggression. The Civil War is over and we must integrate. The flags should be put away and the prejudices must be shelved. We should also continue to integrate and allow blacks to fulfill the American dream that Lincoln led and so many people died for. I hope that the events and the accomplishments of taking the flag down across the southern United States is a symbol, that no matter how long it takes, we will always live up to the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.