Elections Have Consequences

Today President Barack Obama announced the Iranian deal to curb that countries nuclear enrichment. Yes, curb, not stop, curb. No real conditions, no unconditional checks on any facility including military. No release of hostages, no cessation of terrorism sponsorship. Let us not forget the 100 Billion in unfrozen assets.

None of this is surprise to anyone. Many people are upset and rightfully so with Obama, yet, many of them are the same people who voted for him -- Twice. He had said he was willing to negotiate with anyone anytime. Well, this is what we have. Many people have said to me, hey, it doesn't really matter Republican vs. Democrat, they both suck. The truth is, they don't. There are good Democratic folks running and in politics, but Barack Obama is not one of them. A Republican would absolutely have been better.

And here we are six and a half years later. Nearly everyone is seeing how bad this foreign policy is, yet, will they vote differently in the next election.

Please keep in mind that elections do have consequences. Deadly serious consequences.