Keep the Kids Locked Up

There is a local case about three children who are currently being held in juvenile detention. They are being held there since Judge Gorcyca called it the most awful case of parent alienation she has ever seen. Most people are horrified by the fact that they are sitting in a detention center. I must say that it doesn't really bother me. As I explain myself, understand that this following story still brings tears to my eyes as I type.

Growing up my best friend lived across the street. He, his father and I would go fishing and go on short trips. My friend and I would play basketball and just be kids. His parents were divorced and the times between his visits would grow more infrequent. His mother had moved out of state years before and eventually stopped sending him on his scheduled visits altogether. His father would book the plane tickets, and the mother would not send him. My neighbors father would fight in court to see him regularly with no success. Eventually my friend asked to stop seeing his father and the court accepted. He was about 13 years old when the court allowed him to make that decision.

When I was 18 my friend's father and I flew to Baltimore in order to see his son graduate high school. After not seeing or speaking his father in almost six year his father sheepishly asked his son if he could give him a hug. He said yes. He gave him a hug and that was nearly 20 years ago.

I know that most people have never seen a broken individual. Have never experienced the pain of losing a child. My neighbor lost his child and there was nothing the court would do.

Many people I am sure will disagree with me, but know that what Judge Gorcyca did was extreme, was necessary. For too long courts have refused to ensure that in parent alienation cases, the kids are forced to see the alienated parents. We are not talking about abuse cases, we are talking about vindictive parents who use their kids against another. I sincerely hope that everyone takes my story to heart and looks at this case with open eyes.