Sander Levin - What a Shame

“Currently, Iran is only two months away from the ability to produce enough material for one nuclear weapon.  The restrictions in the Agreement provide the world with a year to respond if Iran broke out of the Agreement and moved toward acquiring the material for a bomb."

This was an excerpt from his announcement where Mr. Sander Levin came out in favor of the Iranian deal. Lest anyone accuse me of not reading and only listening to Fox News, I have read the bill, the entire long horrible bill. I actually was hoping that it would be better than I thought. In fact it is way worse. Let us dissect the one statement from the Congressman from above. I am not a mathematician, but let us try and do some basics.

The US Congress has 60 days to approve this "bill" (Should be a treaty) or disapprove. The President will veto and Congress hopefully can override. It is safe to assume that Iran will not stop producing bomb capabilities in the short term.

Assuming the treaty goes thought under the bill, Iran gets ~$100-150 billion upfront, unfrozen assets. Now, worse case scenario, Iran cheats. The Iran bill specifically gives 30-45 days for dispute resolution where you cannot snap back sanction.

Let's add in a couple of weeks for general bureaucracy and we are now 4-5 months.  I am not mathematician, but this means that Iran can keep producing its material and cheat immediately and walk away with a lot of money, power and weapons.

Mr. Levin, please reconsider.