Stop the Rape of Women

This morning on my way to work I was listening to an interview with Senator Debbie Stabenow. Now in most cases I disagree with her on many policies. However, this morning she was talking about federal monies for blight reduction. She pointed out that the money is used to tear abandoned houses and crack houses down and therefore increasing property taxes. It also helps prevent girls from being pulled in these houses and "assaulted".

Now, I know this is a small thing and this is truly not to pick on the Senator. Her point is lost when she uses the word assaulted. She should have said, these houses need to be torn down because it is used to take girls and rape them. By getting rid of blight we are helping to stop one avenue of rape. From a public policy standpoint, words are really powerful.

Earlier this week, two planned parenthood videos came out. Even those of us who are generally pro-choice, had trouble watching the videos. The words that the women on the video used were so matter of fact and terrible. Killing the fetus in a certain way to harvest the parts that they want to sell. This most probably will lead to de-funding on some level of the organization.

Words in public policy debates need to be used carefully. Blight is a multi-faceted issue that has severe consequences that many times include rape, drugs and murder. Words do matter.