The Middle has left the Democratic Party

Over and over my friends mention things like; if Ronald Reagan were alive today, he couldn't win the nomination. Or, if Ike or Nixon..... I get the feeling that they believe the Republican Party is so out of touch that some of the icons of the Party could not get elected. I never respond to them since, it is not true in most cases. Has my party moved to the right, Yes. But, for the most part I believe the question is brought up by so many Democrats because when they look in the mirror, they realize that increasingly their party has left them.

People make fun of the fact that there are so many Republican candidates running for President. And, it is amusing how many people have thrown their hat into the ring. People seem to forget that there are about 4-5 Democrats vying for the nomination of their party as well. The most moderate and qualified candidate doesn't have a snowballs chance of winning. Jim Webb, who is by far one of the best candidates; maybe in both parties will probably lose to socialist Bernie Sanders.

My question for people who vote for the Democratic Party; don't you think it is time to re-evaluate?