The South-Will they Bern it up! Or be a hillbilly?

With the 2016 presidential primary candidates and getting their feet under them and talking points in front of them many have already began discussing how the states will shape out. At this point it's hard to put a finger on a front runner in the Republican primary as they are still in a identity crisis after the worst case scenario second term came to fruition from President Bush that still has Republicans on a National level looking for their way out of that shadow. That leaves us to the Democrats then. Maybe I'm underestimating Governor O'Malley of Maryland and Vice President Biden but it looks to be a two-person race Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The consensus early on is as in 2008 that Hillary would win easily and focus on the general, prepping to take the presidency. Well it didn't turn out that way and Sanders camp is hoping lightning will strike twice on the Clinton machine. Though major networks are focusing on each candidate stomping across Iowa and the Midwest,a different region may well be the pivotal battleground arena for Sanders and Clinton. Now that u have you wondering, let me confuse you, it's the south. Yes the states that have been red as Elmo's fur beginning the mid 1960's, could very well have a major impact on the democratic nomination. In 2008 Clinton did not fair well against then Senator Obama. Some might brush it to the demographics and excitement but that is far from the major issue at hand. The problem with Clinton was her inability to emotionally connect with the southern democrat voters. In a earlier post I dedicated an article to the South and how emotionalism controls southern politics. Hillary must tap in to the hearts of these voters if she expects to get the support. They want to know with her as President she will give them, their family and community a better shot at getting ahead and catching their American Dream. They are tired of being last and inky being spoken of when something negative comes about. They are more than that and she needs to let them know she will work to bring the Souths' economy to the 21st century and give the next generation a better opportunity at succeeding.

So if Clinton does or does not do that, what about Bernie? Bernie needs to continue his stump-speech style with his unpolished ad lobs to succeed with southerners. Mentioning his Vermont residents and the difference in how he listens to his constituents and their concerns unlike some larger state politicians that many southern said cannot connect with. When it comes to issues, Sanders should hone in on his strongest card, inequality. If any region understands the battle, the uphill struggle, the triumph, the very fabric of inequality, it is the south. If Sanders can articulate his vision and message about inequalities he could wake up a sleeping giant in the south who may aspire to become the new example of equality in economics and other issues with Bernie as the leader. Like Pres. Bill Clinton said twenty-plus years ago, "it's the economy stupid." That will be both candidates best option regarding the south in the primaries. The last question is will they be one of the candidates to turn the red ocean with a blue wave or will the south leave the democrats again in the general election running to the republicans they know will break their heart once again but like a hopeless romantic the south will always believe them when they say it will be different this time.

So will the south Bern it up or take on the 2016 election as hillbilly. Among voters who keep up with the election weekly,(more than the typical voter) will likely vote for Bernie, but the average voter who some to little attention to the primary will more than likely vote for Hillary. The reason for my theory is on pure name recognition. Hillary us a safe bet for the average voter and honestly for the democrats who solely care about winning the election in November. Bernie though I'd the exciting non-traditional choice who gas best along to the sound of his own drum for over twenty years. If you don't follow along that closely, you probably won't know Sanders or what he stands for. We will see how it will all turn out...until then good luck Hil, good luck Bernie, let's get it on.