Black Lives Matter #Blacklivesmatter

Many people on the right are quick to point out that millions of black babies are aborted every year. In fact it would seem that abortion clinics may actually target black neighborhoods. To be fair that may be true, but that doesn't address larger issues. I have had the opportunity to sit and listen to some local black liberal talk shows. As a now more frequent guest on the Jonathan Kinloch Show, I am able to open my mind and hear what the host and callers are saying.

"We are hurting"

Many who will read that will say, "well they just want more government money" "let's make sure there is enough government help". Both are missing the point. The point that everyone needs to read is that they should open their ears. Hear that young black kids in the inner city go to bed hungry. Understand that when you talk about abortion of black babies, mothers have to decide how much to not feed their children. Don't get me wrong, abortion is a terrible blight on our society and an abhorrent practice.

We need to care more for the live than we do for the not yet born.

Black Lives Matter as a movement started when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood watch man. Many police shootings in the past year have focused on white officers shooting black alleged perpetrators. I believe that focusing on these issue, while may bring attention to rare policing issues, it loses the focus on what could be a great opportunity.

Fixing the Inner City

Black lives matter should be about finding real solutions the growing parity between rich and poor. I am certainly not saying that the government needs to do more, although I am sure some with read it like that. I am sure that some on the right may just call me a apologist, I am not. It is time for us to be real about the issues. Too many of our neighbors go to bed hungry, get an abhorrent education and find themselves trapped in a situation where the statistics of them making it our alive are grim and successful nearly impossible.

The American Dream is bleak for many folks who live in the inner cities. Unless we decide to do something about it as a society, that we truly are saying that black lives actually don't matter.

Racist and Misogynistic or just Non-PC Part 2: The Manosphere

Edit: Initially, when I wrote this piece, I hadn't been as knowledgeable about the work of Jared Taylor, nor had read further into articles by Matt Forney or the Alternative Right.  While there are still things I find objectionable (such as Forney's article about Indian woman and his article about how whites's preference for boobs over butts shows that they are a "higher culture"), I have to apologize for using the leftist smearing tactic of referring to any of the above as "white supremacist."  This is my original post:

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and saw something strange that bordered on surreal.  Nik Turner, the former saxophone and flute player for one of my favorite bands of all time, Hawkwind, posted a petition to have discontinue selling the Bang book series from pickup artist guru Roosh Valizadeh, better known to his readers as Roosh V.  According to the petition, Roosh’s Bang books are little more than guides on how to rape women.  I haven’t read any of his books, but I’m too wager that the reaction is a little strong; from their description and the reviews, the only thing these books do is give people the how-to on picking up women.  He’s not the only “pickup artist” guru, but he’s the only one popular enough to get registered at the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly promoting rape and misogyny. 

Personally I see nothing wrong in selling books on how to get women.  Men and women ARE wired differently – with men being geared toward being attracted to good looks and good body contours and women being attracted to status and confidence – and only the most ardent, radical feminist will tell you otherwise; a guide on how to attract women using body language and visual ques is not a bad thing.  I’ve actually read Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction and must say that its use of psychological types and ways to frame situation to score women is sound advice if you’re willing to put in the work.

However, when Roosh isn’t publishing volume after volume of his Bang series, he writes for and edits his Return of Kings and his own personal site.  These sites are particularly popular among men (I'd say men and women, but women and gays aren't allowed to comment on either of these sites.) involved in the online and, I suppose, real life community known as the “manosphere”, a loose collection of people tagging themselves as Men’s Rights Activists, pickup artists and Men Going their Own Way (MGTOW).  Unlike leftist blogs, which tag the manosphere in the ugliest light possible, I recognize that the manosphere is very diverse, with a variety of political views ranging from left, right, center, anarchist, capitalist, republican, democrat and libertarian; men within the manosphere have a wide variety of grievances ranging from pro-female double standards in the media,  unfair practices favoring women in divorce cases, lighter sentences given to women for crimes men would be punished much heavily for and, above all else, the absolute crazy, misandrist attitudes of third wave radical feminists.

These are all grievances that many mainstream conservative commentators address.   Furthermore, I have been a long time watcher of the Chapin’s Inferno youtube channel, in which commentator Bernard Chapin, who is prominent in the manosphere addresses many of these topics.  His views clearly go against the leftist, politically correct establishment, but he is, in no way racist or sexist.  Although he blocked me after I drunkenly harassed him from what I perceived to be his rather cavalier stance on gay marriage, I still watch his channel regularly.  He’s a disciple of Mark Levin and points out the hypocrisy of the left, going so far as to praise Jews and ask why theywould want to be leftists after escaping Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, being prosperous in the United States and with the left being so hostile to Israel.

Similarly minded, anti-communist, anti-social justice warrior, anti-feminist commentator Rockin’ Mr. E has similar conservative views.  On top of that, he goes so far as to praise and support Jews and Israel over their Muslim enemies; funny how an Australian of Greek descent cares more for the Jewish state than many leftist Jews.  Both his and Chapin’s body of work criticizes modern day feminism, the social justice brigade and supports equality and responsibility for all.  

Another prominent manosphere member, Aaron Clarey, author of such male fiscal responsibility tomes as Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men, Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States and Worthless:The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major, has riled fiercely against leftists but also made the clear point that he is not a racist or bigot and will not tolerate such views.  Non-PC?  Yes.  Racist?  
Doubt it.

Then there is the Roosh V site, which takes things just a little bit beyond non-PC commentary on feminism and the left with absurd articles about what’s wrong with Western women and this incredibly disturbing drivel about how to prevent rape.  I’d suggest having a strong stomach for the latter article.  I understand Roosh’s point in theory; false rape accusations and rape hysteria are a problem further exposed by the bogus Rolling Stone article about the campus date rape that never happened.  But certainly there are better ways to express this point than advocating for legalizing rape on private property; he claims it to be satirical and that there is no way such a law would even be put in place, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t favor such a thing if it was possible.

Roosh doesn’t stop there.  Clearly he has to say something about the races.  In this article on Return of Kings, he favorably reviews the book titled The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements from prominent white nationalist author and racist Occidental Report website editor Kevin MacDonald.  Roosh tweeted that the ADL complained that he “reviewed a book.”  It’s not that you reviewed a book, you dipshit; it’s that you reviewed it favorably in praising it for dropping a “truth bomb” about how the Jews instigated every liberal movement to bring down the host culture of every nation.  Sounds a bit like the Protocols of Zion if you ask me!  

Roosh isn’t the only culprit.  Prolific blogger Matt Forney has written articles about how self-esteem is bad for women and how to crush a girl's self esteem along with racist drivel like this peace about how you shouldn't date Indian women , this one about how the "lower" cultures of the blacks and Hispanics prefer big butts or this favorable review of the book Face to Face with Race from white supremacist author Jared Taylor.  He wrote the last of those for the Alternative Right website, which, shall we say, doesn’t look too favorably upon people with darker skin or from the Semitic races.

So, I can understand that different beliefs can exist under one umbrella group, but what I find questionable is the fact that praiseworthy, intelligent people that I have mentioned above such as Bernard Chapin, Rockin’ Mr. E and Aaron Clarey either site the work of or openly associate with Roosh V and Matt Forney; Chapin has even participated in a Matt Forney podcast.  My question is: why, Bernie?  (He hates being called Bernie)  Is it JUST because these guys are so stridently anti-leftist?  Is it because they’re pro-male?  Why would someone as intelligent as a Bernard Chapin or Rockin’ Mr. E associate with the guy who wants to crush a woman's self esteem?  Why praise the work of the man who wants to legalize rape on private property and openly supports the conspiratorial work of a known Jew hater when he himself says, “racism sucks” on his own channel?

Maybe Bernard Chapin or Rockin’ Mr. E will respond to this inquiry in a video, but if not, the question is out there fellas!  I’ll continue to watch your channels, but know that I find those other guys quite questionable!

Racist or non-PC: A Look at the Term Cuckservative

When you boldly declare yourself a libertarian fighter against all things politically correct, you’re swimming with sharks.  You’ve decided that you’re going to “tell it like it is” regarding every controversial political issue and you don’t care if people call you racist, sexist or homophobic and that’s fine, but you have to be careful what and who you begin to associate with.

As a Jew I don’t get offended by hate speech, I have pretty thick skin and I can most certainly “take it.”  What I don’t like is dishonesty.  Everyone knows what racism, sexism and homophobia are, so it’s not hard to pinpoint the difference between criticisms – even harsh criticisms – of groups of people and blatant hate speech.  Saying that a Jew wrote The Communist Manifesto and that communists were primarily Jews is okay.  Saying that Jews want to take over the world by uniting communists and capitalists under a Zionist world order, while not blatant, comes directly from anti-semitic texts.  Similarly calling Noam Chomsky a “gatekeeper” is a definite sign of a racist and anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.

With that said, the new term “cuckserative” has gone viral and caused quite a controversial stir.  This article at Breitbart excuses the term as being simply about conservatives who enjoy watching the country get screwed by the left and claims that any use of the term from white supremacists is purely on the fringes.  I pretty much agree with this point.  However, I stumbled upon this article at the, ahem, rather interesting "manosphere" Return of Kings site (warning: take with a MAJOR grain of salt and read at your own risk!).  

The article was written by Matt Forney who plays a ridiculous balancing act between the aforementioned un-PC conservative commentary and blatant, reckless hate speech.  Read some of these brilliant gems regarding why you shouldn’t date Indian women or how only “low” cultures like blacks and Hispanics prefer women with large derrieres and you’ll see what I mean.

However, the man’s article makes some interesting, if somewhat flawed points about the signs that you might be a “cuckservative.” 

         1.       You care more about Israel’s borders than America’s

The most basic definition of “conservative” entails protecting the things that separate a nation from its neighbors, including that nation’s borders. Yet for the past decade, conservatives in Congress and the media have acceded to the left’s demands for “comprehensive immigration reform,” a PC euphemism for rewarding millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries for breaking our laws. Major Republican leaders such as Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and even Tea Party darling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have echoed the left’s call for amnesty, in direct defiance of their constituents.

At the same time, cuckservatives obsess over protecting Israel from supposed “threats” that never materialize. Every major Republican of consequence always makes a point of reaffirming their support for Israel, to the point of urging us to go to war against Iran because of the infinitesimally tiny chance they might develop nuclear weapons. This is despite the fact that not only has Israel never sent a single soldier to die in an American war, more American servicemen have been killed by Israel (in the USS Liberty incident) than by Russia, a nation that cuckservatives are dead set on antagonizing.

The irony is that despite cuckservatives’ claims that we can’t turn back the tide of illegal aliens from Latin America, the very nation that they fetishize has all but eliminated its illegal immigration problem. Israel fought back against illegal immigration by constructing a border wall (something cuckservatives claim that America can’t do) and by swiftly deporting aliens in their midst. The Israeli government also managed to stave off demographic collapse by incentivizing Jews to have children; worth remembering whenever a cuckservative moans about how whites will be a minority in America by 2050.

Matt Forney has made his point clear that he’s no Jew-hater and even respects Jews for being leaders in innovation.  He even respects Israel’s ability to safeguard its borders and gone so far as to call white supremacists “Nazitards.”  But, he’s also said that Israel is no more an ally to the United States than any other country and that he couldn’t care less about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  If only the people at Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions could make such a claim.  I feel that most people don’t care about Israeli/Palestinian conflict and those that do have taken rather extreme stances on it.  I take personal interest in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict if only because the Jews deserve a homeland just like the Irish and Germans and because there is no protest against the “illegal occupation” or “apartheid” without a good dose of left-wing anti-semitism and support for Islamofascist regimes, whose very practices are completely illiberal.  I’ve asked every gay person I know which country would you feel safe in?  Democratic Israel or Islamofascist Palestine… well, you can probably guess the answer.  As for the “supposed “threats” that never materialize”, I’m assuming Matt Forney doesn’t know what Qasam rockets are.  And as for “the infinitesimally tiny chance they [Iran] might develop nuclear weapons”, he clearly thinks that giving them 30 days leeway to clear their facilities is just a way to tidy it up for our inspection. 

2.       You think that opposing free trade is Nazism

While they claim that they support the American economy, cuckservatives have gleefully supported the wholesale relocation of manufacturing to Mexico and China through free trade agreements such as NAFTA. Manufacturing jobs were what made the prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s possible, because they allowed the average man to earn a decent wage and provide for his family. Nowadays, Americans are either relegated to minimum wage service jobs or forced to go into debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to go to college, just for a shot at entering the middle class.

Yet despite the fact that free trade enriches the super-rich at the expense of everyone else, cuckservatives attack anyone who questions it as a Nazi. No, I’m not joking. Cuckservative wunderkind Kevin Williamson of National Review recently attacked Democratic presidential candidate and soi-disant democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as a “national socialist,” solely because Sanders is opposed to free trade agreements that impoverish the average worker.

This whole paragraph is ridiculous; many republicans and democrats support trade agreements that aren't particularly beneficial to workers.  One example of calling Bernie Sanders a "national Socialist" does not a philosophy make.  How about lower the corporate tax rates so that companies decide to come back to our shores and hire Americans.  And no, Sanders is by no means a “National Socialists.”  He’s a socialist.

3.       You believe that the Democrats are the “real” racists

Cuckservatives have spent the past twenty years trying to appeal to blacks out of fear of the left calling them “racist,” going so far as to claim that the left are the “real” racists. Indeed, cuckservatives have gone so far in trying to appear anti-racist that we now have libertarian hero Rand Paul cuddling up to race hustler Al Sharpton and incompetent boobs such as Tim Scott and Michael Steele being promoted to positions of power in the GOP based on their skin color.

Despite cuckservatives’ genuflecting, blacks have continuously voted Democratic in numbers of 90 percent and up going all the way back to the 1960’s.

Sadly Forney is completely correct on this one.  Republicans, Tea Partiers and Libertarians constantly play this card: “Woodrow Wilson is a racist, he supports the KKK and his favorite movie is Birth of a Nation.”  Well, Woodrow Wilson doesn’t represent democrats any more than David Duke represents republicans.  If conservatives want to get the black vote, it’s going to take a lot more than bringing up the irrelevant notion that a bunch of hood wearing hillbillies from the Deep South once aligned themselves with the democratic party.  How about bringing up coddling criminals by “giving them a space to break stuff” as a start?

4.       You think the reason Detroit and other major U.S. cities are falling apart is because of unions

Cuckservatives are so desperate to avoid being called “racist” that they completely deny the role of race in American society. For example, National Review’s Kevin Williamson absurdly blames the dysfunction of Detroit on unions run amok and not the fact that the city is more than 80 percent black. While socialist policies will eventually ruin a nation, white liberal areas such as Vermont and Oregon have considerably higher standards of living than black areas with the same politics.

Hoo boy, this is one of those paragraphs that treads that fine line between racist and politically incorrect.  Indeed Detroit is 80 percent black, but what does that mean?  Is he saying that blacks are stupid?  That they’re inherently violent criminals?  I don’t know.  It’s  a tough call with Matt Forney, but one thing can’t be denied; Vermont, Oregon and primarily socialistic countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark really don’t have the type of crime we have in Detroit, Baltimore, Compton, Watts, South Central or areas that are dominated by black people.  That also fails to mention that black people who have made it into the middle and upper classes are, in fact, very good people.  Many black who haven’t  
made it into the middle and upper classes are still good people who are trying to make it into the upper and middle classes.  So, why, as a whole do most blacks still live in poverty and in crime infested areas, often committing crimes against their own people?  Maybe a lack of pride?  Too many single mother pregnancies and lack of a strong father figure?  Black leaders who would rather stress victimhood than hard work?  A culture which glorifies gang activity as “cool” and “fun”?  Solution?  “Why don’t y’all gang bang them books?”

5.       You believe that Hispanics are “natural Republicans”

Pro-illegal alien cuckservatives such as Jeb Bush and Karl Rove have tried to justify selling out their nation by claiming that Hispanic immigrants’ work ethic and Catholic values make them potential GOP supporters. However, as economist Tino Sanandaji showed, the average Latino has left-wing views on just about every issue of importance, from the size of government to gay marriage to taxes.

The highest percentage of the Hispanic vote won by any GOP presidential candidate in the past thirty years was 40 percent by George W. Bush in 2004, and he only won that much by essentially bribing Latinos with low-interest mortgages, resulting in 2007-2008’s housing crisis.

Not only that, the countries that these “natural Republicans” hail from are overwhelmingly socialist, if not outright communist. Mexico, where the bulk of Hispanics hail from, is dominated by the far-left Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has been in power for all but 12 years since 1929. Every other nation in Latin America, from Argentina to Brazil to Colombia, is run by socialists, and when Latinos migrate to the U.S., they take their ideology with them.

It’s a pretty silly statement to think there are “natural Republicans.” There are just people who you try to sell a pro-work, pro-innovation, pro-equality of rights message to regardless of whether they are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or any other group.  It also doesn’t matter who the illegals are; I couldn’t care if we were securing the border against Mexican illegal immigrants or Polish ones.  We need to secure the border for the sake of our economy and national security.

6.       You support corporations, despite their advocacy for leftist causes

Cuckservatives are vociferously opposed to any government action that limits the power of corporations, from higher taxes to environmental regulations to minimum wage increases. These corporations have rewarded cuckservatives by eagerly shoving left-wing degeneracy down Americans’ throats. Not only does Hollywood and other popular media glorify homosexuality, transsexuality and other perversions, most corporations enforce leftist orthodoxy, contrary to the left’s claim that big business is pro-Republican.

For example, following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage, a whole host of corporations, from Google to Facebook, suddenly put up rainbow flag logos in solidarity with the LGBT movement. Here in Chicago, Allstate currently has posters plastered all over the L featuring two men holding hands. Just a few days ago, the WWE acceded to left-wing hysteria about “racism” by firing Hulk Hogan solely because he used a racial slur in a private conversation nearly a decade ago.

Even supposedly right-wing corporate figures are further to the left than the average American. For instance, the Koch brothers, favorite boogeymen of the left, are in favor of open borders. Yet despite being turkey-slapped repeatedly by their corporate masters, cuckservatives are all too happy to spread their cheeks for these multinational purveyors of leftist degeneracy.

No, sorry, Matt.  Conservatives, not cuckservatives “are vociferously opposed to any government action that limits the power of corporations, from higher taxes to environmental regulations to minimum wage increases.”  The fact that they choose to “eagerly shove left-wing degeneracy down Americans’ throats” or that " the WWE acceded to left-wing hysteria about “racism” by firing Hulk Hogan solely because he used a racial slur in a private conversation nearly a decade ago" is their business and, if you don’t like it, don’t go to those businesses.  Again, we need to lower the corporate tax rates so corporations stay in the States.  Sorry, but this set of paragraphs reeks of a bunch of hateful, misguided nonsense statements.  What are we supposed to do: have the government enforce minimum wages and tell them to take down their rainbow flags?  Yeah, that’s real conservative.

7.       You think military veterans automatically deserve respect

Cuckservatives assuage their guilt about sending young men to die in pointless overseas wars by fellating every veteran as a “war hero,” no matter how they actually spent their service. For example, John McCain, the king of cuckservatives, is constantly lauded as a “hero” for his time in Vietnam, despite the fact that he spent most of it in a jail cell after being captured by the North Vietnamese. Donald Trump was lambasted by both left and right for pointing out that not only didn’t McCain engage in anything that could remotely be called “heroic,” as a senator, he has done nothing to aid veterans.

John McCain is a “war hero” in the same way that pink slime is a nutritious meal. Not only did McCain confess to breaking under torture and selling out his country, there’s considerable evidence that he may have actively collaborated with the communist Vietnamese (ex: his fellow POWs nicknamed him “Songbird”). McCain’s father was a highly decorated admiral and could have easily used his influence to suppress knowledge of his son’s traitorous activity.

Wow, you little ungrateful brat.  Yes Vietnam was a screw up and we didn’t need to do the Iraq war since Saddam Hussein was keeping his people in check, but this whole paragraph stinks of your cowardice.  You don’t know what John McCain went through and the fact that he went out there rather than sitting behind a computer criticizing everybody is deserving of respect.  Jesus, you little punk.

8.       You think the GOP needs to moderate in order to win elections

Cuckservatives believe that the real reason why Obama won the elections in 2008 and 2012 is because the Republicans have gone too far to the right, and that in order to appeal to voters, the GOP needs to move towards the center. This ignores the fact that the Republican presidential candidates in ’08 and ’12, John McCain and Mitt Romney, respectively, failed to garner support precisely because they were too mushy and left-wing.

Not only that, the GOP managed to capture the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 largely by running Tea Party candidates such as Joni Ernst, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul who were unashamed about being conservative and willing to take the fight to the left. Donald Trump is leading in Republican presidential polls because he’s the only candidate with a pair of balls, who doesn’t back down in the face of leftist attacks.

Okay, the ungrateful little punk has a point here.  Donald Trump may be boorish, but he’s definitely not backing down and apologizing.  Flip-flopping, maybe, but definitely he is no wimp afraid of being called racist or sexist.  A lot of republicans think it’s bad that Trump is leading in the polls because he’s too divisive.  Seems like we already have a “divisive” president, so what’s the big deal?

9.       You spend more time attacking fellow conservatives than the left

One of the most defining traits of cuckservatives is how they spend most of their ammunition firing at their supposed comrades for being too “extreme.” For example, Donald Trump has been lambasted by Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and virtually every other GOP presidential candidate for his outspoken advocacy for conservative policies. In contrast, liberals have a “no enemies to the left” policy, explaining why domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers and race hustlers such as Al Sharpton are allowed to operate without a single condemnation from their fellow ideologues.

Once again, the ungrateful punk has a point.  Outlandish and in your face comments notwithstanding, Trump has raised the ire of millions of Americans and is leading in the poles.  He’s bringing up issues that other politicians refused to talk about and he’s not playing nice.  He’s also not a career politician.  People cry about  career politicians and “politics as usual” and when someone comes along who is anything but those things, they complain about it.  Sorry, you can’t have your cake and lambast it too.

10.       You’re always apologizing to your enemies

Being a cuckservative means always having to say you’re sorry. Whenever “offensive” comments by cuckservatives are uncovered by the left, the cuckservative always drops to his knees and begs for forgiveness. For example, raging thundercuck Jack Hunter, a political consultant, resigned from Rand Paul’s staff after left-wing organizations publicized “racist” comments he had made as a radio commentator in the past. Additionally, Hunter waved the white flag and repudiated his views.

Unfortunately for cuckservatives, their reign of squeezing their clammy mitts around conservatism’s balls is coming to an end. The sudden popularity of the “cuckservative” epithet shows that grassroots right-wingers are tired of the movement’s spinelessness and groveling to the left. With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

I think the last paragraph pretty much sums up the entire article and makes the entire list rather moot.  Forney is not someone I would want to hang out with; if his writings are any indication, he has a nasty chip on his shoulder.  I can’t imagine how he would react if a homeless man asked him for change on the street and many of his comments seem flippant at best, but he does make some solid points here.  Maybe there is no golden center and it’s time to fight for what you believe in, unless you enjoy the direction the country is going in.  If this election cycle doesn’t go the way we want to, soon everything will be free at the expense of everyone else, lawlessness will be awarded and achievement will be criminalized.

Thanks Black Lives Matter for Eating Away at the Democrats!

Every democrat is now thinking, nay PRAYING, “oh, please, please, please, don’t let black people, er, I mean, the black lives matter movement people interrupt my speech!  I’m not armed with the correct way to tackle such resistance!”  The fact is that most Americans don’t give a hoot about the black lives matter movement.  They barely give a hoot about what goes on in the inner city as long as they can get to their sports game and leave.   Does that mean people from the suburbs – white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Arabic or Indian - are racist, mean and insensitive to the plight of black people?  Only in the sense that people are only sensitive and caring about what happens to them, their families, their friends and possibly people within their ethnic or racial group.  Does that mean people can’t be compassionate to the plight of black people in the inner city?  Of course not, but we have to separate compassion from sheer stupidity.

Trayvon Martin’s shooting was the shot heard ‘round the liberal world.  Media outlets swarmed to it like flies to garbage and opened up a treasure trove of white cop/black teenager killing stories.  Next we had Michal Brown - whose entire story is rife with contradiction and false witness bearing - and the whole media was having a feeding frenzy for anything they could find that involved a white police officer somehow killing a black teenager.  Forget the facts that any of them were doing ANYTHING wrong; JUST PRINT IT!!!

Well, thanks a lot, liberal media!  It worked!  Riots ensued, the democratic mayor of Baltimore said that the rioters need a safe space to break stuff, police are barely even trying because they don’t want to get in trouble and the murder rate in Baltimore has gone through the roof – 189 in a couple of months if my numbers are correct.  On top of that we have a fringe movement of blacks – led by a white guy pretending to be black, nonetheless – called #blacklivesmatter (I still have no idea what point there is to putting a ‘pound’ sign in front of things and calling it a ‘hash tag’, but the owner of this blog insists that I get a Twitter account so I can join in on the fun).

Their whole modus operandi is to disrupt people’s dinners and public engagements to raise awareness.  Raise awareness for what? On paper, the goal, I suppose, is to raise awareness that police officers are being overzealous and brutal towards people of color for minor infractions or no infractions at all.  In practice, well, they disrupt people’s dinners and public engagements. 

And to be honest, as far as I have seen, the only people who don’t hold them with derision are people on the far left who think that being annoying is a way to affect change.  This tactic doesn’t exactly have a good track record – those pesky 60s riots didn’t really do much to bridge the racial gap, but it DID lead to the rise of the Black Panthers and the fall of Detroit, Baltimore and certain parts of L.A.!  But, you know the attitude of the left: if an experiment fails three or four times, best to try it five more times because it’s bound to work!

But, all of that is beside the point.  We, on the right, who aren’t a bunch of wimps afraid to say it like it is, will tell you that 13% of the population commits 75% of the crime, that dressing a certain way with the saggy pants and hoodies incites a level of fear in “non-ghetto” people, that, when you give the police attitude, you raise your chances of something bad happening, when you commit a crime, you put your life in your hands and that black people in the suburbs are not intimidating or scary because suburbs are low crime areas. 

Also, regardless of how overzealous police officers can be that, four things remain clear: 

1.) Black families living in those areas prefer their presence over their absence.

2.) For the most part, police officers are good people, just doing their job.

3.) Police brutality happens in low income areas and blacks living in suburbs don’t worry very much about police brutality.

4.) Liberals are hypocrites who are 100% okay with the police profiling black people in Ferndale, driving north on 8 mile if that keeps the crime down on the “good side.”

But, as Malcolm X once said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.”  Black lives matters movement people have been disrupting speeches by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and both have reacted in ways that we would have expected anybody to react: “please shut up and wait your turn, you insolent buffoon!” 

Many of my liberal friends have looked upon these incidents and said, “why are they doing this to the only people who would actually seem to be on their side?”  And I laugh and think, “what is their side?”  Is it people who go to work every day trying to make a living?  Is it law abiding citizens?  Is it Dr. Ben Carson who has shown black people that they can do anything they want if they work hard and try for it?  Or is their side a bunch of rabble rousing, Black Panther-esque, left-wing revolutionary types demanding reparations…

Before I go on the taboo subject of slavery, please watch this and ask yourself if blacks should maybe demand reparation from the Muslim world.  Oh, wait, there ARE no blacks in the Muslim world because the Muslims castrated all of their male slaves…

Sorry, I had a hiccup there, where was I?

Ah yes, I was making fun of the black lives matter movement because they’re doing nothing but annoying people and now they’re disturbing democratic speeches, which is pure comedic gold for me.  I’m willing to wager that no member of the black lives matters movement will attend a conservative’s speech because either they think “we all racist, dawg” or because they realize how futile such a thing would be.  They know what we’re going to say, “all lives matter, sonny!  Now, go get a job!” 

At the end of this rant piece, I want to say that there are bad, racist cops.  They need to be fired, but far more cops actually do their jobs and we are witnessing the result of their not doing their jobs in places like Baltimore and Detroit.  Police officers don’t even pull people over for speeding because they don’t want to get shot.  The bottom line is that all lives matter and maybe the black community should start looking elsewhere for its leadership because clearly something isn’t working.

You Are Now About to Witness the Strength of Capitalism: A Conservative Reading of the New N.W.A. Biopic

In a movie which is allegedly somewhat about the black struggle in America, the first clear message comes from a member of the L.A. Blood gang: “Why don’t y’all gang-bang them books?”  He asks this after stopping a school bus, walking on and pointing a gun directly at some young punk who thought it was cute and funny to flash gang signs of the opposing Crips out of the school bus window.  Nowhere in Straight Outta Compton, the new N.W.A. biopic, is there mention of wealth redistribution or affirmative action.  There is plenty mention of working hard and getting paid for your work.  There is also at least partial condemnation of ghetto culture.  And, when the movie does touch on the Rodney King riots, it’s with ambiguity.

Straight Outta Compton is killing it in the box office this weekend.  I went to see it and the theater was packed.  Some say the movie is doing so well because people identify with the black struggle against the cops, especially in light of the news media blitzkrieg surrounding the deaths of black teenagers at the hands of white police officers.  I say “that’s bullshit”; the reason the movie is doing so well is because of the gonzo campaign behind it; it looks like a whole heck of a lot of fun and N.W.A. has earned legendary status as the group that truly brought gangsta rap to the forefront of popular culture.  There were others before such as Schooly D and Ice T, but neither dropped as many F or N-bombs as N.W.A.

Before you plunk down $10 to see it, just keep in mind that it’s almost two and a half hours long and, with the exception of Ice Cube, who is played by Ice Cube’s son Oshea Jackson Jr., the actors barely resemble who they’re playing.  Also the first two acts are way more enjoyable than the third, which degenerates into Hallmark-style sentimentality as everyone regains their souls, becomes friends again and Eazy E dies of AIDS (presumably after spreading it to many of the fine hoes he implicitly bangs during the movie).

But the main reason I’m writing this piece is to illuminate how this movie makes one point clear: the only color that truly matters in the United States and any other free society is GREEN.

Staight Outta Compton is for the most part apolitical and, certainly, when watching you it, you never get the feeling you’re being preached at that “black lives matter” or that “cops are bastards.”  I’m to wager there are people on both sides of the cop debate who will have strong opinions about the portrayal of the boys in blue; some will feel the cops are being portrayed as purely evil and racist while some will feel they are not being portrayed as evil and racist enough.  I don’t agree with either of these stances; the cops were portrayed like cops.  It’s not politically correct to say this, but the police officers in Straight Outta Compton acted exactly as they would and should when patrolling a gang and crack infested shithole like Compton; if you feel that Ice Cube was treated unfairly when handcuffed and frisked as he exited his buddy’s house right into the scene of a drug bust, ask yourself: if you were a cop and saw a young man dressed in thuggy, gangsta rap clothes, would take the time to differentiate who’s who in a drug bust?  You know you wouldn’t so stop crying “racist.”  Perhaps they were a bit overzealous during the scene where they shoved all five group members to the ground and handcuffed them during the recording of their debut album, Straight Outta Compton, but again, we’re talking about perceptions in the ghetto.  It isn’t pretty or nice, but it’s the truth.  Yes, one does say “nigger” and I don’t agree with this.

In addition to that there is the infamous scene at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit where the police warn the group not to play their anti-cop smear, “Fuck tha Police” for fear of a riot.  They do it anyway, some fire crackers go off and the audience scatters.  In the movie the group is arrested in front of a rebellious crowd who start a riot; in real life the cops met them at their hotel, took them into the station and let them go after getting their autographs.  Truth really is stranger (and funnier) than fiction. 

The movie also touches on the war on drugs.  Anyone who grew up in the 80s and watched TV will have a tizzy at seeing one of Reagan’s batter ram tanks destroy a drug house.  The war on drugs is clearly an overreaction to the crack epidemic, however, the movie glosses over probably one of the biggest contradictions in all of rap music: how nearly the entire gangsta rap industry from 1986 onward was funded by crack money.  Either Snoop Doggy Dogg or Eazy E once noted that, they were simply supplying a good to people who wanted it – stay positive, stay strong!

Then there’s the issue of how the group members treated women.  Straight Outta Compton completely avoids mentioning such tasteful, pro-feminist N.W.A. anthems as “A Bitch Iz a Bitch”, “Just Don’t Bite It”, “She Swallowed It”, “One Less Bitch” and “I’d Rather Fuck You” or the time that Dr.Dre physically assaulted Denise Barns in a nightclub and the rest of the group casually joked about it.  Their attitudes are further underscored during one of the orgy sequences that take place at a hotel room; the members throw some woman named Felicia out of the room after having their way with her and say, “Bye Felicia.”  This is played for laughs and the audience did, in fact, laugh.  The message is clear: “don’t wanna be treated like a hoe, don’t act like hoe” or something like that.  In the same scene, the members pull out sawed off shot guns and automatics on the two guys who were looking for Felicia; clearly gun control isn’t much of an issue for this bunch.

But the real irony about a movie allegedly about black struggle is that the most complicated and nuanced character is white, Jewish manager Jerry Heller (portrayed wonderfully by Paul Giamatti).  Whether intended or not, the strongest and most interesting dramatic scenes involve him and his rather close friendship with Eazy E; Heller acts as his mentor and gives some sound advice to not go and kill strong arm thug Suge Knight after Suge muscled Eazy E into writing Dr. Dre out of the group’s contract.

Heller also provided he biggest “lol” moment for this white, Russian/Ameircan Jew when he reacts to Ice Cube’s song “No Vaseline.”  A couple of lines that imply anti-semitism; “you used a Jew to break up the whole crew.”  Heller starts kvetching, “did you hear that?!  Why aren’t you guys more pissed off?!”  Eazy E responds, “Man,  Jerry, black people don’t know what anti-semitism is!”  Black Muslims sure do and Ice Cube did convert to Islam, but, he’s denied allegations of anti-semitism; “I’m anti-Jerry Heller.”  Fair enough.  Ice Cube has said some rather disturbing things about Korean people as well.  "Pay respect to the black fist/or we'll burn your store down to a crisp."

But, once again, I digress.  The bottom line is that, in spite of their struggles with some cops, respecting women, AIDS and censorship, the movie’s primary messages are success, getting rich and working for it.  In fact, probably the best scene to underline the point that you have to pay people for their work was when an infuriated Ice Cube with baseball bat in hand storms into the office of Priority records, shortly after releasing his hit solo album and demands to be paid for his work before smashing everything in sight.  “Take it out of what you owe me.”  Home boy don’t rap for free, ya know?

Donald Trump is the Republican Barack Obama

I have previously made by opinion clear about how I thought that Donald Trump was a good thing for the GOP. Because he is the front runner he is taking the heat from more moderate candidates and allowing them to not be attacked from the left or the right. However, as only Trump can, he can't stop talking. The issue now is he doing the same thing that Barack Obama does, divide and conquer.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a local liberal talk show, "The Jonathan Kinloch Show" where I expressed that many people didn't know whether to take Trump seriously or not. Yes he strikes a chord with the electorate, just not sure if it's the right chord. A caller yelled at me a called me a professional politician and that I was the problem.

You see, Trump is a reflection of the political discourse in this country. We have been trained over the last 16 years that it is either us or them. Or more recently that if you don't support the Iran Deal you are just like the Mullah's in Iran. Trump is only a continuation of the same divisiveness. We must find a way to common ground to move the country forward. By me disagreeing with Trump, does not mean I throw all of his ideas or frustrations out, it means a different view.

Trump has taken the Republican electorate and fractured it more. It is either him or the rest of the crowd of "professional politicians". I hope conservatives and supporters of Trump take a serious look and see if maybe the opposite is the case.

Clinton in the Corner?

The email controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton can make her stronger or leave her with a serious limp in this primary race. The Black lives matter discussion with activists where she said "hearts can't be changed" has quickly changed the tone in her camp this week. She has the opportunity to overcome her only noticeable problem early on in the campaign season and grow from it or go about it delicately that could linger with her to the general..if she makes it. I would be willing to bet if she will face this now and paint the controversy (as many in her corner believe) to be nothing more than political games from republican candidates who are throwing anything they can at the wall to see what sticks instead of focusing their attention on policy issues instead of sensational topics. She must continue to reiterate her comments about hearts not changing was not primarily because it's not important if you do or don't but because in order for anything to change, laws must change first. As much as Bill avoided or skated around controversy through his political career, Hillary sure has put herself in it at the most impromptu time. Maybe Bill needs to start making some appearances to dilute the mess they are in now to avoid any bad taste heading into Iowa and New Hampshire.

 If she wins the primary who would make her best running mate..Sanders? He's captured the attention of millennials and brought the income inequality debate to the forefront of many candidates platform including Hillary her self. Maybe Elizabeth Warren? She could focus on banking regulations that show the disconnect from Wall Street to Main Street that made her popular across the U.S. when she ran for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Her popularity among blue-collar white Americans could help Hillary in the general where she is struggling lately. Whatever she may decide she first needs to address the email scandal regardless of she thinks it's credible, serious, exaggerated, or any other justification. The point is people are talking about this more than ever and listening to her response about this and everything even more intently now.

Brian Kates

Not a Christian - Just a Narcissist

There are two Michigan Representatives who have been making all sorts of waves across the local political spectrum. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, both of whom are married, were having an affair with each other. Considering the divorce rate in the United States is at 50% and they are both politicians hardly makes this a big story.

Todd Courser made his name by first running for the Michigan GOP Chair position. Anyone who is on him email list knows that his email are long sermon-like dissertations about God and politics. What was more bizzare was the way that he described being called by God into politics. Fast forward a few years and Courser was made famous by being a far right Christian politician who was anti gay marriage and very vocal.

Last week when the news broke about the affair, it was first mentioned that Courser tried to cover up the affair by sending a fake email about being caught at a gay bar? The story continues on. Apparently with Courser claiming to be blackmailed by someone. Of course, now that the affair is public, I am not sure what he is worried about. It actually would not surprise me if the gay bar thing was true in the end, but I digress.

Courser apologized in again a long sermon-like diatribe, which quotes scriptures and says that he has become the poster child for Christian hypocrites. I would imagine that many far left website will make such claims. But by making that statement he shows that he is not interested in a real apology. He is interested in showing how "Christian" he really is.

Mr. Courser, you are not a hypocrite, you are an asshole. I find as a religious person myself, that quoting scriptures to show how you were "wrong" is not an appropriate time. Leave Jesus out of your apology. You clearly left him out of all your actions before this. The fact that you have not bothered to address the public in person and issue a one sentence apology shows who you really are.

--You are a narcissist who uses religion as a way to get ahead. --

The Bernie Sanders Epidemic

If you don’t think the United States is a socialist country, then you don’t read very much.  If you think that, just because we don’t have single payer health care like they do in European countries, that that makes the United States a capitalist country, then you are probably either a democrat or someone who isn’t too deeply involved in politics.  If you think that the United States SHOULD be a capitalist country, but that there are forces at play trying to move it away from that, NOW you’ve got the right idea.

A few of my friends are deathly scared that the socialist Bernie Sanders will become the president of the United States based solely on the fact that Clinton is looking pretty bad these days.  From her past where she supported the Iraq war to her recent email scandal and even the Benghazi incident – although it seems ardent anti-conservatives love to sweep that one under the rug because it’s only FOUR Americans and well, so what, shit happens – but that’s all beside the point. 

If his Facebook page is any indication, Bernie Sanders has ignited the passions of at least a million people who feel the man is an honest, not “politics as usual” politician.  And that’s pretty refreshing, isn’t it?  Who cares what the man stands for as long as he stands for something, right?  And therein lays the problem.

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to get elected president in this election, nor will someone like him get elected in the following election, but that doesn’t mean someone like him won’t get elected in the election after that.  Let me explain.

As the country moves more and more to the left and as the older generation, the one that valued hard work, dies off and as more young people go to indoctrination centers…err,  universities and as more young people feel disenfranchised with “politics as usual”, the harder it will be to convince young people that hard work, education and innovation lead to prosperity.  It will be harder for them to believe in the notion of having equal opportunities, but not necessarily equal outcomes.

Who are Bernie Sanders’ supporters?

They’re a mixture of people.  There are those honest but na├»ve socialists who, for some reason, have a “grass is greener” attitude about Europe.  Thanks to the propaganda at the universities and in the media, these people have been taught that Europe simply is better.  The food is better, the culture is better, the people are better; the young people are more into going to museums rather than watching sports - when they do watch sports, it's a sophisticated sport like soccer...err football -  they prefer underground music rather than mainstream music, are into reading books more than watching reality TV and overall are hip, ultra-sophisticated urban socialites who hang around in cafes, drink craft beers and keep fit by riding bikes all day.  And, above all, they have time to absorb all of this culture and sophistication because they only work 20 to 35 hours a week.  The women are all of course gorgeous and statuesque and you can get one of your very own to take to the Louvre before engaging in an all-night fuck-a-thon with zero consequences – because, after all, the state pays for the birth control and abortions.

Oh, and everything is free.  You work 20 to 35 hours – provided you don’t skip Mondays and Fridays – and reap the benefits of a single payer healthcare system and, should you decide that work isn’t for you, go on the dole.  Of course calling it that or welfare doesn’t make it sound so appealing, but, in any case, it provides you free time to pursue your intellectual interests.

And how do we accomplish this utopia?  Well, we just tax those evil corporations and make them pay their fair share!   What exactly is a “fair share”?  Is it 50%, 60%, 100%?  Who knows?  Who cares?  Just pay up so we can have our 20 hour work weeks, free health care and care free, sophisticated, European lifestyles because working is what those stupid Americans, who watch sports, guzzle Budweiser and watch reality TV, do!

The other group of Sanders supporters are otherwise political ignoramuses who,  by nature of working a lot and/or only caring about hobbies that are outside of the political realm, see a man who “says it like it is.”  These are people who jump between Ralph Nader, Ron Paul and then back to Bernie Sanders, who see a person that, rather than talk in “complicated” political rhetoric about boring policies that are written in 100 page volumes, talk about the man in the street.  “Corporations are evil, MAN!  They enslave the little guy, man!” 

Sanders’ folky appeal lies in the fact that he’s from a pro-gun state, and as a result, people don’t see a threat in their guns being taken away.  After all, if only the rich will suffer under Sanders and you don’t lose your gun rights, then what’s the big deal?

Of course anyone who follows politics knows that there are myriad of reasons that European countries have the so-called prosperity that they do, that nothing is in black and white and, above all, what may have worked for Sweden wouldn’t necessarily work for the U.S.  The democratic governance of cities like Detroit and Baltimore are not the MAIN reason crime is so high there – it’s the population who live in a “kill or be killed”, Mad Max-style, ghetto thug gang world, sorry to say.  Sweden doesn’t have crime on that level that the U.S. does not because they’re barely allowed to own fire arms or because the government gives people everything they want, but because their culture is more homogenous – a statement that could get you in trouble with more politically correct folks, but that’s the way it is.

Otherwise, the sheer size and diversity of the type of different environments, from the urban to suburban to rural all heavily contribute to their being different monetary values in different places of the U.S. compared to Sweden.  Just that makes the notion of a taxing everyone the same, heavy amount is absurd.  And, at the end of the day, are people in Norway and Sweden truly living better lives?  Some say they live in a state of complacency with no big highs or lows, no true reward for accomplishments, because there are none to be had since the government picks the winners and the losers.

It seems that I’ve gone on a tangent, but the bottom line is, regardless of whether Sanders gets elected now or in the future, we are heading down a path where young people WELCOME socialism.  They’re actively getting excited about lower work hours and free everything.  My excitement comes from getting a well-paying job and all of the wonderful things I can buy with that money, not from the things the government can give me.   Unfortunately, unless we quell the socialist epidemic now, the million or so Sanders supporters of today will grow into tens of millions of supporters of the next person who promises free everything and then soon we’ll become the mediocre, heavily taxed, sophisticated European nation that the Sanders’ supporters of today have always hoped for.

Let’s Have a Gay Pride Parade in Dearbornistan

The word is provocation and it’s a beautiful thing because it forces people to decide what moral/legal boundaries they’re willing to transgress in order to make the provocation stop.  And let’s face it; it’s fun to provoke.  It’s fun to find a person’s sore spot and poke it until the person snaps.  Of course I wouldn’t suggest doing that to someone unless you’re willing to face the consequences – a wired jaw, a mauling by a lion (oo, topical!) or becoming the target by a religious group who hates your way of life.

Pam Geller found that out the hard way when she held her “draw Muhamad” competition under the guise of “free speech.”  South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone found that out when some Muslim publicly revealed their home addresses in order to have his followers visit the two writers to “politely ask why they would slander Muhammad so.”  Of course the Charlie Hebdo writers really found that out when six of them were brutally stabbed to death – then they sold out allegedly because they had nomore reason to draw the prophet (as if they forgot we’re not living in a pre-9/11 world).

And now, the gay community in Sweden might find out what happens when you poke the Burqa’d bear.  The Swedish “far right”, a group of Swedish nationalists who have anti-immigrant and possibly racist and anti-semitic views are holding a gay pride event right in several prominent Muslim districts.  How rich!  Some people on the left are already calling the event racist.  The tolerant, not at all biased people at Al Jazeera write:

The planned parade has attracted criticism from the official Pride organisers, Sweden's LGBT federation, and anti-racism groups.

They believe the agenda behind this parade organised by the far-right is to try to provoke Muslims in the predominantly immigrant areas.

In a joint statement released to Al Jazeera, the official Stockholm Pride and the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) said they were distancing themselves from the initiative.

"Jan Sjunnesson has for a long time made himself known as a person who's spreading hatred towards Muslims on social media [and] who's not supporting LGBT rights.

There are so many levels of irony, I can’t even begin.  Let’s start with the notion that this attracted criticism from Pride organizers, Sweden’s LGBT federation, and anti-racism groups.  Barring the fact that Islam isn’t even a race, but a religion – one that, when many people, primarily Arabs leave, have nothing nice to say about – the very notion that a pride event should attract criticism AT ALL just because of WHERE it’s being held in an allegedly free country just makes me think these gays are a bunch of stinkin’ cowards.

But, on top of that, what does it say about the Muslims? 

Well, for one, it implies that it’s perfectly acceptable to have districts you're not welcome to go to if you’re not a Muslim, unless you want to live by Muslim rules.  Furthermore the notion that a gay pride parade will offend Muslims tacitly APPROVES of Islam’s hatred toward gays.  Everyone who doesn’t have his, her or its head buried in the sand knows that Muslims by practice HATE gay people.  So, in essence, what they’re saying is that it’s racist to criticize Islam’s anti-gay stance.  Does that make any sense?  It’s literally the exact same thing as telling black people not to move into a white neighborhood because they might provoke white people who hate black people.

Of course, when it comes to Islam, everything is acceptable if you’re a liberal.  Feminists yell at the “rape culture” and “patriarchy” in a free society, but say nothing about how Muslims treat women like chattel, force them to cover their entire bodies, be married off at a young age, get stoned to death for infidelity or to have clitoridectomies.  Gay pride organizers lampoon “idiot Christians” with their “old fashioned ways”, but refuse to confront Muslims who approve of throwing them off of roofs or hanging them from buildings. 

This kind of hypocrisy is endemic in modern leftists and liberals and, while it makes for good copy and target of satire, it’s also dangerous.  Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and Muslims aren’t backing down.  Islam didn’t make it this far by peaceful means and more appeasement sure won’t prevent Muslims from moving into Western countries that will let them do as they please without any pushback or criticism. 

I live in the Detroit area.  About twenty miles from where I live is the city of Dearborn, which contains one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States.  Even closer to me are two Islamic centers.  A group of Muslim owned used dealers has been connected with funding Hezbollah and the owner of the La Shish restaurant chain had to leave the country because it became apparent he was funneling money to these terrorist groups. 

Therefore, as Americans who enjoy our freedom and see what is happening to Europe, it is our obligation to give pushback, to poke the Burqa’d bear.  Let’s hold a gay pride event in Dearborn!  If you are against the gay marriage ruling or you find homosexuality unpleasant, put those views aside.  Gay people are not your enemies.  Sure they may try to run a bakery into the ground for the extreme transgression of not baking a cake or bankrupt your photo business for not taking photos of a gay wedding, but that’s small potatoes compared to the bigger threat of Islamization.  I say get all of your gay friends, acquaintances and family members and go to Dearborn and raise the rainbow flag high and proud.

If you believe gays should be allowed to march in downtown Detroit or in Ferndale, then why not in Dearborn?  Dearborn isn’t *officially* under Sharia law and, as far as I gather, police officers are supposed to enforce the law.  If Muslims want to prove that their religion is a peaceful one, then they’ll watch the event in silence and realize that the United States is for everyone, that they have no right to rule by fear.  Then of course I’d suggest getting the hell out before a bomb goes off. 

The Iran Deal is Bad for the Green Economy

There is very little doubt that the Iran Deal is a poorly worded bill with very little teeth. Even proponents of the deal's main point is? What other choice do we have. I don't want to get lost in weeds or the back and forth, but I want to address some issues with how this deal is extremely bad for the green energy movement as a whole.

Green Energy has tremendous amounts of potential to revolutionize the way the United States and the world approaches electricity and traditional coal burning plants. One of the big reasons why the p5 and the United States are pushing for this deal is because it will drop the cost of oil tremendously. Many experts have said that gas could be below $2 a gallon. But is this a good thing? Putting aside the fact that the sustained price of gas will hurt domestic producers, Canada and Saudi Arabia, it will hurt domestic clean energy.

Whether we like it or not, when the price of gas is higher the investments in clean energy technology goes through the roof. When they are extremely low, it kills innovation and long term hurts the technology sector and car industries as well. If this deal goes through it financially disincentives companies to seek cleaner and more sustainable energy.

In ten years when the inspections end, Iran will no doubt block the two biggest straights in the middle east. A blockade of this nature would send the price of gasoline through the proverbial roof. Since we have been conditioned on such cheap oil for so long, it is hard to ramp up an industry that is only now just burgeoning. The destruction of the green energy industry is simply not worth the price of a bad deal.

Please call your Senator or Congressman and tell them to vote NO on the Iran Deal.

Hillary Just Pulled a Romney

Most people realize that the main reason Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012 was that he moved so far to the right that by the time the general rolled around it was too late. He governed as a moderate, but was strong in fiscal and foreign issues. However, in order to appease the religious right, he had to push his religious view. This was not something he liked doing. End result was a far right candidate that lost big time.

Romney faced an incredibly long and drawn out primary battle which forced him to make enormous concessions on his positions. Too many concessions and it cost him dearly with the American electorate.

Now here comes Hillary Clinton in a very similar position. Four years ago, Clinton staked out normal positions. Lets take one in particular, capital gains. She claimed that "if she raised" the Capital gains it would not be more than 20%. Let's fast forward a few years and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Clinton wants to start the rate and nearly 40%. I will let that sink in. Nearly double the current rate. Why would she go from a moderate stance to a far left wing stance on economics??? Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders may not win the Democratic Nomination, but will push Clinton so far to the left that she may lose because of it.

I personally am fine with Clinton losing, but if her campaign was smart, they might want to give a call to Romney and get this thing shored up...Quickly.

Donald Trump is helping the GOP

Anyone remotely involved in watching the political theater of the Presidential race cannot avoid one topic. Really it is one man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the king of marketing. Honestly, he might be the best person ever to do so. However, many people fear that he is going to ruin the Republican's chances of winning the Presidential election. I personally think, that Mr. Trump, along with Carson and in some respects Ted Cruz helps the party a lot and they don't even realize it yet.

Mitt Romney lost the election because as many people have surmised, he had to push so far to the right that when election time came, he could not fall back on what made him great. He had to try and out "righwing" every other opponent. He could not defend his record from constant attacks and eventually backed down from all of them.

There is no one in the world that can out "Trump" Donald Trump. There is no one that can out "Carson" Ben Carson and few can touch Ted Cruz. Therefore, people like Fiorina, Kasich and a few others can solidify their moderate and measured responses without being constantly attacked in a small field. So many of the far right are too busy defending Trump, that they are allowing the more serious candidates breathing room.

There are parts of Trump that hurt the GOP slightly, but overall, this is absolutely the best thing for them. Donald Trump is turning the election cycle into what it needs to be for the more serious candidates. A shorter more normal period to handle.

Don't Throw the Kid in Jail

This week in the City of Detroit a three year old was killed. The story is sad and what makes it more sad is the fact that the child was killed by an eleven year old who shot the other child. The eleven year old is being charged with manslaughter. He is also possibly being charged with a felony firearm charge. Let's start with the charges. What kid understands what in the heck "felony firearm" means. What is the prosecutor thinking? Seriously. The manslaughter charge essentially takes the chance of this young kid being sent to a safe place for rehabilitation.

The kid has to be punished, that is no doubt. But, does entering him into prison or juvenile prison does that. Is there a safer and better place like Mandy's place or another facility for abused children. As far as I am concerned, the parents or lack thereof should be facing the "felony firearm" charge. This kid should be taken as a ward of the state, but not he prison ward.

We have an opportunity with this case to help the 11 year old grow into a man and learn from this horrendous mistake.