Black Lives Matter #Blacklivesmatter

Many people on the right are quick to point out that millions of black babies are aborted every year. In fact it would seem that abortion clinics may actually target black neighborhoods. To be fair that may be true, but that doesn't address larger issues. I have had the opportunity to sit and listen to some local black liberal talk shows. As a now more frequent guest on the Jonathan Kinloch Show, I am able to open my mind and hear what the host and callers are saying.

"We are hurting"

Many who will read that will say, "well they just want more government money" "let's make sure there is enough government help". Both are missing the point. The point that everyone needs to read is that they should open their ears. Hear that young black kids in the inner city go to bed hungry. Understand that when you talk about abortion of black babies, mothers have to decide how much to not feed their children. Don't get me wrong, abortion is a terrible blight on our society and an abhorrent practice.

We need to care more for the live than we do for the not yet born.

Black Lives Matter as a movement started when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood watch man. Many police shootings in the past year have focused on white officers shooting black alleged perpetrators. I believe that focusing on these issue, while may bring attention to rare policing issues, it loses the focus on what could be a great opportunity.

Fixing the Inner City

Black lives matter should be about finding real solutions the growing parity between rich and poor. I am certainly not saying that the government needs to do more, although I am sure some with read it like that. I am sure that some on the right may just call me a apologist, I am not. It is time for us to be real about the issues. Too many of our neighbors go to bed hungry, get an abhorrent education and find themselves trapped in a situation where the statistics of them making it our alive are grim and successful nearly impossible.

The American Dream is bleak for many folks who live in the inner cities. Unless we decide to do something about it as a society, that we truly are saying that black lives actually don't matter.