Clinton in the Corner?

The email controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton can make her stronger or leave her with a serious limp in this primary race. The Black lives matter discussion with activists where she said "hearts can't be changed" has quickly changed the tone in her camp this week. She has the opportunity to overcome her only noticeable problem early on in the campaign season and grow from it or go about it delicately that could linger with her to the general..if she makes it. I would be willing to bet if she will face this now and paint the controversy (as many in her corner believe) to be nothing more than political games from republican candidates who are throwing anything they can at the wall to see what sticks instead of focusing their attention on policy issues instead of sensational topics. She must continue to reiterate her comments about hearts not changing was not primarily because it's not important if you do or don't but because in order for anything to change, laws must change first. As much as Bill avoided or skated around controversy through his political career, Hillary sure has put herself in it at the most impromptu time. Maybe Bill needs to start making some appearances to dilute the mess they are in now to avoid any bad taste heading into Iowa and New Hampshire.

 If she wins the primary who would make her best running mate..Sanders? He's captured the attention of millennials and brought the income inequality debate to the forefront of many candidates platform including Hillary her self. Maybe Elizabeth Warren? She could focus on banking regulations that show the disconnect from Wall Street to Main Street that made her popular across the U.S. when she ran for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Her popularity among blue-collar white Americans could help Hillary in the general where she is struggling lately. Whatever she may decide she first needs to address the email scandal regardless of she thinks it's credible, serious, exaggerated, or any other justification. The point is people are talking about this more than ever and listening to her response about this and everything even more intently now.

Brian Kates