Donald Trump is helping the GOP

Anyone remotely involved in watching the political theater of the Presidential race cannot avoid one topic. Really it is one man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the king of marketing. Honestly, he might be the best person ever to do so. However, many people fear that he is going to ruin the Republican's chances of winning the Presidential election. I personally think, that Mr. Trump, along with Carson and in some respects Ted Cruz helps the party a lot and they don't even realize it yet.

Mitt Romney lost the election because as many people have surmised, he had to push so far to the right that when election time came, he could not fall back on what made him great. He had to try and out "righwing" every other opponent. He could not defend his record from constant attacks and eventually backed down from all of them.

There is no one in the world that can out "Trump" Donald Trump. There is no one that can out "Carson" Ben Carson and few can touch Ted Cruz. Therefore, people like Fiorina, Kasich and a few others can solidify their moderate and measured responses without being constantly attacked in a small field. So many of the far right are too busy defending Trump, that they are allowing the more serious candidates breathing room.

There are parts of Trump that hurt the GOP slightly, but overall, this is absolutely the best thing for them. Donald Trump is turning the election cycle into what it needs to be for the more serious candidates. A shorter more normal period to handle.