Donald Trump is the Republican Barack Obama

I have previously made by opinion clear about how I thought that Donald Trump was a good thing for the GOP. Because he is the front runner he is taking the heat from more moderate candidates and allowing them to not be attacked from the left or the right. However, as only Trump can, he can't stop talking. The issue now is he doing the same thing that Barack Obama does, divide and conquer.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a local liberal talk show, "The Jonathan Kinloch Show" where I expressed that many people didn't know whether to take Trump seriously or not. Yes he strikes a chord with the electorate, just not sure if it's the right chord. A caller yelled at me a called me a professional politician and that I was the problem.

You see, Trump is a reflection of the political discourse in this country. We have been trained over the last 16 years that it is either us or them. Or more recently that if you don't support the Iran Deal you are just like the Mullah's in Iran. Trump is only a continuation of the same divisiveness. We must find a way to common ground to move the country forward. By me disagreeing with Trump, does not mean I throw all of his ideas or frustrations out, it means a different view.

Trump has taken the Republican electorate and fractured it more. It is either him or the rest of the crowd of "professional politicians". I hope conservatives and supporters of Trump take a serious look and see if maybe the opposite is the case.