Don't Throw the Kid in Jail

This week in the City of Detroit a three year old was killed. The story is sad and what makes it more sad is the fact that the child was killed by an eleven year old who shot the other child. The eleven year old is being charged with manslaughter. He is also possibly being charged with a felony firearm charge. Let's start with the charges. What kid understands what in the heck "felony firearm" means. What is the prosecutor thinking? Seriously. The manslaughter charge essentially takes the chance of this young kid being sent to a safe place for rehabilitation.

The kid has to be punished, that is no doubt. But, does entering him into prison or juvenile prison does that. Is there a safer and better place like Mandy's place or another facility for abused children. As far as I am concerned, the parents or lack thereof should be facing the "felony firearm" charge. This kid should be taken as a ward of the state, but not he prison ward.

We have an opportunity with this case to help the 11 year old grow into a man and learn from this horrendous mistake.