Hillary Just Pulled a Romney

Most people realize that the main reason Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012 was that he moved so far to the right that by the time the general rolled around it was too late. He governed as a moderate, but was strong in fiscal and foreign issues. However, in order to appease the religious right, he had to push his religious view. This was not something he liked doing. End result was a far right candidate that lost big time.

Romney faced an incredibly long and drawn out primary battle which forced him to make enormous concessions on his positions. Too many concessions and it cost him dearly with the American electorate.

Now here comes Hillary Clinton in a very similar position. Four years ago, Clinton staked out normal positions. Lets take one in particular, capital gains. She claimed that "if she raised" the Capital gains it would not be more than 20%. Let's fast forward a few years and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Clinton wants to start the rate and nearly 40%. I will let that sink in. Nearly double the current rate. Why would she go from a moderate stance to a far left wing stance on economics??? Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders may not win the Democratic Nomination, but will push Clinton so far to the left that she may lose because of it.

I personally am fine with Clinton losing, but if her campaign was smart, they might want to give a call to Romney and get this thing shored up...Quickly.