Let’s Have a Gay Pride Parade in Dearbornistan

The word is provocation and it’s a beautiful thing because it forces people to decide what moral/legal boundaries they’re willing to transgress in order to make the provocation stop.  And let’s face it; it’s fun to provoke.  It’s fun to find a person’s sore spot and poke it until the person snaps.  Of course I wouldn’t suggest doing that to someone unless you’re willing to face the consequences – a wired jaw, a mauling by a lion (oo, topical!) or becoming the target by a religious group who hates your way of life.

Pam Geller found that out the hard way when she held her “draw Muhamad” competition under the guise of “free speech.”  South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone found that out when some Muslim publicly revealed their home addresses in order to have his followers visit the two writers to “politely ask why they would slander Muhammad so.”  Of course the Charlie Hebdo writers really found that out when six of them were brutally stabbed to death – then they sold out allegedly because they had nomore reason to draw the prophet (as if they forgot we’re not living in a pre-9/11 world).

And now, the gay community in Sweden might find out what happens when you poke the Burqa’d bear.  The Swedish “far right”, a group of Swedish nationalists who have anti-immigrant and possibly racist and anti-semitic views are holding a gay pride event right in several prominent Muslim districts.  How rich!  Some people on the left are already calling the event racist.  The tolerant, not at all biased people at Al Jazeera write:

The planned parade has attracted criticism from the official Pride organisers, Sweden's LGBT federation, and anti-racism groups.

They believe the agenda behind this parade organised by the far-right is to try to provoke Muslims in the predominantly immigrant areas.

In a joint statement released to Al Jazeera, the official Stockholm Pride and the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) said they were distancing themselves from the initiative.

"Jan Sjunnesson has for a long time made himself known as a person who's spreading hatred towards Muslims on social media [and] who's not supporting LGBT rights.

There are so many levels of irony, I can’t even begin.  Let’s start with the notion that this attracted criticism from Pride organizers, Sweden’s LGBT federation, and anti-racism groups.  Barring the fact that Islam isn’t even a race, but a religion – one that, when many people, primarily Arabs leave, have nothing nice to say about – the very notion that a pride event should attract criticism AT ALL just because of WHERE it’s being held in an allegedly free country just makes me think these gays are a bunch of stinkin’ cowards.

But, on top of that, what does it say about the Muslims? 

Well, for one, it implies that it’s perfectly acceptable to have districts you're not welcome to go to if you’re not a Muslim, unless you want to live by Muslim rules.  Furthermore the notion that a gay pride parade will offend Muslims tacitly APPROVES of Islam’s hatred toward gays.  Everyone who doesn’t have his, her or its head buried in the sand knows that Muslims by practice HATE gay people.  So, in essence, what they’re saying is that it’s racist to criticize Islam’s anti-gay stance.  Does that make any sense?  It’s literally the exact same thing as telling black people not to move into a white neighborhood because they might provoke white people who hate black people.

Of course, when it comes to Islam, everything is acceptable if you’re a liberal.  Feminists yell at the “rape culture” and “patriarchy” in a free society, but say nothing about how Muslims treat women like chattel, force them to cover their entire bodies, be married off at a young age, get stoned to death for infidelity or to have clitoridectomies.  Gay pride organizers lampoon “idiot Christians” with their “old fashioned ways”, but refuse to confront Muslims who approve of throwing them off of roofs or hanging them from buildings. 

This kind of hypocrisy is endemic in modern leftists and liberals and, while it makes for good copy and target of satire, it’s also dangerous.  Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and Muslims aren’t backing down.  Islam didn’t make it this far by peaceful means and more appeasement sure won’t prevent Muslims from moving into Western countries that will let them do as they please without any pushback or criticism. 

I live in the Detroit area.  About twenty miles from where I live is the city of Dearborn, which contains one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States.  Even closer to me are two Islamic centers.  A group of Muslim owned used dealers has been connected with funding Hezbollah and the owner of the La Shish restaurant chain had to leave the country because it became apparent he was funneling money to these terrorist groups. 

Therefore, as Americans who enjoy our freedom and see what is happening to Europe, it is our obligation to give pushback, to poke the Burqa’d bear.  Let’s hold a gay pride event in Dearborn!  If you are against the gay marriage ruling or you find homosexuality unpleasant, put those views aside.  Gay people are not your enemies.  Sure they may try to run a bakery into the ground for the extreme transgression of not baking a cake or bankrupt your photo business for not taking photos of a gay wedding, but that’s small potatoes compared to the bigger threat of Islamization.  I say get all of your gay friends, acquaintances and family members and go to Dearborn and raise the rainbow flag high and proud.

If you believe gays should be allowed to march in downtown Detroit or in Ferndale, then why not in Dearborn?  Dearborn isn’t *officially* under Sharia law and, as far as I gather, police officers are supposed to enforce the law.  If Muslims want to prove that their religion is a peaceful one, then they’ll watch the event in silence and realize that the United States is for everyone, that they have no right to rule by fear.  Then of course I’d suggest getting the hell out before a bomb goes off.