Not a Christian - Just a Narcissist

There are two Michigan Representatives who have been making all sorts of waves across the local political spectrum. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, both of whom are married, were having an affair with each other. Considering the divorce rate in the United States is at 50% and they are both politicians hardly makes this a big story.

Todd Courser made his name by first running for the Michigan GOP Chair position. Anyone who is on him email list knows that his email are long sermon-like dissertations about God and politics. What was more bizzare was the way that he described being called by God into politics. Fast forward a few years and Courser was made famous by being a far right Christian politician who was anti gay marriage and very vocal.

Last week when the news broke about the affair, it was first mentioned that Courser tried to cover up the affair by sending a fake email about being caught at a gay bar? The story continues on. Apparently with Courser claiming to be blackmailed by someone. Of course, now that the affair is public, I am not sure what he is worried about. It actually would not surprise me if the gay bar thing was true in the end, but I digress.

Courser apologized in again a long sermon-like diatribe, which quotes scriptures and says that he has become the poster child for Christian hypocrites. I would imagine that many far left website will make such claims. But by making that statement he shows that he is not interested in a real apology. He is interested in showing how "Christian" he really is.

Mr. Courser, you are not a hypocrite, you are an asshole. I find as a religious person myself, that quoting scriptures to show how you were "wrong" is not an appropriate time. Leave Jesus out of your apology. You clearly left him out of all your actions before this. The fact that you have not bothered to address the public in person and issue a one sentence apology shows who you really are.

--You are a narcissist who uses religion as a way to get ahead. --