Racist and Misogynistic or just Non-PC Part 2: The Manosphere

Edit: Initially, when I wrote this piece, I hadn't been as knowledgeable about the work of Jared Taylor, nor had read further into articles by Matt Forney or the Alternative Right.  While there are still things I find objectionable (such as Forney's article about Indian woman and his article about how whites's preference for boobs over butts shows that they are a "higher culture"), I have to apologize for using the leftist smearing tactic of referring to any of the above as "white supremacist."  This is my original post:

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and saw something strange that bordered on surreal.  Nik Turner, the former saxophone and flute player for one of my favorite bands of all time, Hawkwind, posted a petition to have discontinue selling the Bang book series from pickup artist guru Roosh Valizadeh, better known to his readers as Roosh V.  According to the petition, Roosh’s Bang books are little more than guides on how to rape women.  I haven’t read any of his books, but I’m too wager that the reaction is a little strong; from their description and the reviews, the only thing these books do is give people the how-to on picking up women.  He’s not the only “pickup artist” guru, but he’s the only one popular enough to get registered at the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly promoting rape and misogyny. 

Personally I see nothing wrong in selling books on how to get women.  Men and women ARE wired differently – with men being geared toward being attracted to good looks and good body contours and women being attracted to status and confidence – and only the most ardent, radical feminist will tell you otherwise; a guide on how to attract women using body language and visual ques is not a bad thing.  I’ve actually read Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction and must say that its use of psychological types and ways to frame situation to score women is sound advice if you’re willing to put in the work.

However, when Roosh isn’t publishing volume after volume of his Bang series, he writes for and edits his Return of Kings and his own personal site.  These sites are particularly popular among men (I'd say men and women, but women and gays aren't allowed to comment on either of these sites.) involved in the online and, I suppose, real life community known as the “manosphere”, a loose collection of people tagging themselves as Men’s Rights Activists, pickup artists and Men Going their Own Way (MGTOW).  Unlike leftist blogs, which tag the manosphere in the ugliest light possible, I recognize that the manosphere is very diverse, with a variety of political views ranging from left, right, center, anarchist, capitalist, republican, democrat and libertarian; men within the manosphere have a wide variety of grievances ranging from pro-female double standards in the media,  unfair practices favoring women in divorce cases, lighter sentences given to women for crimes men would be punished much heavily for and, above all else, the absolute crazy, misandrist attitudes of third wave radical feminists.

These are all grievances that many mainstream conservative commentators address.   Furthermore, I have been a long time watcher of the Chapin’s Inferno youtube channel, in which commentator Bernard Chapin, who is prominent in the manosphere addresses many of these topics.  His views clearly go against the leftist, politically correct establishment, but he is, in no way racist or sexist.  Although he blocked me after I drunkenly harassed him from what I perceived to be his rather cavalier stance on gay marriage, I still watch his channel regularly.  He’s a disciple of Mark Levin and points out the hypocrisy of the left, going so far as to praise Jews and ask why theywould want to be leftists after escaping Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, being prosperous in the United States and with the left being so hostile to Israel.

Similarly minded, anti-communist, anti-social justice warrior, anti-feminist commentator Rockin’ Mr. E has similar conservative views.  On top of that, he goes so far as to praise and support Jews and Israel over their Muslim enemies; funny how an Australian of Greek descent cares more for the Jewish state than many leftist Jews.  Both his and Chapin’s body of work criticizes modern day feminism, the social justice brigade and supports equality and responsibility for all.  

Another prominent manosphere member, Aaron Clarey, author of such male fiscal responsibility tomes as Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men, Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States and Worthless:The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major, has riled fiercely against leftists but also made the clear point that he is not a racist or bigot and will not tolerate such views.  Non-PC?  Yes.  Racist?  
Doubt it.

Then there is the Roosh V site, which takes things just a little bit beyond non-PC commentary on feminism and the left with absurd articles about what’s wrong with Western women and this incredibly disturbing drivel about how to prevent rape.  I’d suggest having a strong stomach for the latter article.  I understand Roosh’s point in theory; false rape accusations and rape hysteria are a problem further exposed by the bogus Rolling Stone article about the campus date rape that never happened.  But certainly there are better ways to express this point than advocating for legalizing rape on private property; he claims it to be satirical and that there is no way such a law would even be put in place, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t favor such a thing if it was possible.

Roosh doesn’t stop there.  Clearly he has to say something about the races.  In this article on Return of Kings, he favorably reviews the book titled The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements from prominent white nationalist author and racist Occidental Report website editor Kevin MacDonald.  Roosh tweeted that the ADL complained that he “reviewed a book.”  It’s not that you reviewed a book, you dipshit; it’s that you reviewed it favorably in praising it for dropping a “truth bomb” about how the Jews instigated every liberal movement to bring down the host culture of every nation.  Sounds a bit like the Protocols of Zion if you ask me!  

Roosh isn’t the only culprit.  Prolific blogger Matt Forney has written articles about how self-esteem is bad for women and how to crush a girl's self esteem along with racist drivel like this peace about how you shouldn't date Indian women , this one about how the "lower" cultures of the blacks and Hispanics prefer big butts or this favorable review of the book Face to Face with Race from white supremacist author Jared Taylor.  He wrote the last of those for the Alternative Right website, which, shall we say, doesn’t look too favorably upon people with darker skin or from the Semitic races.

So, I can understand that different beliefs can exist under one umbrella group, but what I find questionable is the fact that praiseworthy, intelligent people that I have mentioned above such as Bernard Chapin, Rockin’ Mr. E and Aaron Clarey either site the work of or openly associate with Roosh V and Matt Forney; Chapin has even participated in a Matt Forney podcast.  My question is: why, Bernie?  (He hates being called Bernie)  Is it JUST because these guys are so stridently anti-leftist?  Is it because they’re pro-male?  Why would someone as intelligent as a Bernard Chapin or Rockin’ Mr. E associate with the guy who wants to crush a woman's self esteem?  Why praise the work of the man who wants to legalize rape on private property and openly supports the conspiratorial work of a known Jew hater when he himself says, “racism sucks” on his own channel?

Maybe Bernard Chapin or Rockin’ Mr. E will respond to this inquiry in a video, but if not, the question is out there fellas!  I’ll continue to watch your channels, but know that I find those other guys quite questionable!