Thanks Black Lives Matter for Eating Away at the Democrats!

Every democrat is now thinking, nay PRAYING, “oh, please, please, please, don’t let black people, er, I mean, the black lives matter movement people interrupt my speech!  I’m not armed with the correct way to tackle such resistance!”  The fact is that most Americans don’t give a hoot about the black lives matter movement.  They barely give a hoot about what goes on in the inner city as long as they can get to their sports game and leave.   Does that mean people from the suburbs – white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Arabic or Indian - are racist, mean and insensitive to the plight of black people?  Only in the sense that people are only sensitive and caring about what happens to them, their families, their friends and possibly people within their ethnic or racial group.  Does that mean people can’t be compassionate to the plight of black people in the inner city?  Of course not, but we have to separate compassion from sheer stupidity.

Trayvon Martin’s shooting was the shot heard ‘round the liberal world.  Media outlets swarmed to it like flies to garbage and opened up a treasure trove of white cop/black teenager killing stories.  Next we had Michal Brown - whose entire story is rife with contradiction and false witness bearing - and the whole media was having a feeding frenzy for anything they could find that involved a white police officer somehow killing a black teenager.  Forget the facts that any of them were doing ANYTHING wrong; JUST PRINT IT!!!

Well, thanks a lot, liberal media!  It worked!  Riots ensued, the democratic mayor of Baltimore said that the rioters need a safe space to break stuff, police are barely even trying because they don’t want to get in trouble and the murder rate in Baltimore has gone through the roof – 189 in a couple of months if my numbers are correct.  On top of that we have a fringe movement of blacks – led by a white guy pretending to be black, nonetheless – called #blacklivesmatter (I still have no idea what point there is to putting a ‘pound’ sign in front of things and calling it a ‘hash tag’, but the owner of this blog insists that I get a Twitter account so I can join in on the fun).

Their whole modus operandi is to disrupt people’s dinners and public engagements to raise awareness.  Raise awareness for what? On paper, the goal, I suppose, is to raise awareness that police officers are being overzealous and brutal towards people of color for minor infractions or no infractions at all.  In practice, well, they disrupt people’s dinners and public engagements. 

And to be honest, as far as I have seen, the only people who don’t hold them with derision are people on the far left who think that being annoying is a way to affect change.  This tactic doesn’t exactly have a good track record – those pesky 60s riots didn’t really do much to bridge the racial gap, but it DID lead to the rise of the Black Panthers and the fall of Detroit, Baltimore and certain parts of L.A.!  But, you know the attitude of the left: if an experiment fails three or four times, best to try it five more times because it’s bound to work!

But, all of that is beside the point.  We, on the right, who aren’t a bunch of wimps afraid to say it like it is, will tell you that 13% of the population commits 75% of the crime, that dressing a certain way with the saggy pants and hoodies incites a level of fear in “non-ghetto” people, that, when you give the police attitude, you raise your chances of something bad happening, when you commit a crime, you put your life in your hands and that black people in the suburbs are not intimidating or scary because suburbs are low crime areas. 

Also, regardless of how overzealous police officers can be that, four things remain clear: 

1.) Black families living in those areas prefer their presence over their absence.

2.) For the most part, police officers are good people, just doing their job.

3.) Police brutality happens in low income areas and blacks living in suburbs don’t worry very much about police brutality.

4.) Liberals are hypocrites who are 100% okay with the police profiling black people in Ferndale, driving north on 8 mile if that keeps the crime down on the “good side.”

But, as Malcolm X once said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.”  Black lives matters movement people have been disrupting speeches by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and both have reacted in ways that we would have expected anybody to react: “please shut up and wait your turn, you insolent buffoon!” 

Many of my liberal friends have looked upon these incidents and said, “why are they doing this to the only people who would actually seem to be on their side?”  And I laugh and think, “what is their side?”  Is it people who go to work every day trying to make a living?  Is it law abiding citizens?  Is it Dr. Ben Carson who has shown black people that they can do anything they want if they work hard and try for it?  Or is their side a bunch of rabble rousing, Black Panther-esque, left-wing revolutionary types demanding reparations…

Before I go on the taboo subject of slavery, please watch this and ask yourself if blacks should maybe demand reparation from the Muslim world.  Oh, wait, there ARE no blacks in the Muslim world because the Muslims castrated all of their male slaves…

Sorry, I had a hiccup there, where was I?

Ah yes, I was making fun of the black lives matter movement because they’re doing nothing but annoying people and now they’re disturbing democratic speeches, which is pure comedic gold for me.  I’m willing to wager that no member of the black lives matters movement will attend a conservative’s speech because either they think “we all racist, dawg” or because they realize how futile such a thing would be.  They know what we’re going to say, “all lives matter, sonny!  Now, go get a job!” 

At the end of this rant piece, I want to say that there are bad, racist cops.  They need to be fired, but far more cops actually do their jobs and we are witnessing the result of their not doing their jobs in places like Baltimore and Detroit.  Police officers don’t even pull people over for speeding because they don’t want to get shot.  The bottom line is that all lives matter and maybe the black community should start looking elsewhere for its leadership because clearly something isn’t working.