The Iran Deal is Bad for the Green Economy

There is very little doubt that the Iran Deal is a poorly worded bill with very little teeth. Even proponents of the deal's main point is? What other choice do we have. I don't want to get lost in weeds or the back and forth, but I want to address some issues with how this deal is extremely bad for the green energy movement as a whole.

Green Energy has tremendous amounts of potential to revolutionize the way the United States and the world approaches electricity and traditional coal burning plants. One of the big reasons why the p5 and the United States are pushing for this deal is because it will drop the cost of oil tremendously. Many experts have said that gas could be below $2 a gallon. But is this a good thing? Putting aside the fact that the sustained price of gas will hurt domestic producers, Canada and Saudi Arabia, it will hurt domestic clean energy.

Whether we like it or not, when the price of gas is higher the investments in clean energy technology goes through the roof. When they are extremely low, it kills innovation and long term hurts the technology sector and car industries as well. If this deal goes through it financially disincentives companies to seek cleaner and more sustainable energy.

In ten years when the inspections end, Iran will no doubt block the two biggest straights in the middle east. A blockade of this nature would send the price of gasoline through the proverbial roof. Since we have been conditioned on such cheap oil for so long, it is hard to ramp up an industry that is only now just burgeoning. The destruction of the green energy industry is simply not worth the price of a bad deal.

Please call your Senator or Congressman and tell them to vote NO on the Iran Deal.