Ben Carson's Boo Boo and Little Ahmed's Clock Bomb

Edit: It turns out that Ahmed Mohamed's project really was a fraud and a hoax, just a gutted alarm clock.  I will write a followup piece to this about what this means in context of the hullabaloo that this whole situation caused.  Here is my original post:

Ezra Drissman, the wonderful man who lets me write these obnoxious, cuss-word filled blog posts, allowed me to go past my deadline and that’s a good thing because, initially, I was just going to write about the clock bomb kid, but now I've got something even more juicy.  Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has put himself on the politically correct chopping block for stating that he would not want a Muslim president.  Let us now examine this comment, the clock bomb kid and how the west regards Islam.

In Irving,TX, a boy named Ahmed Mohammed brought his science project to school, showed it to six different teachers and one of them, out of safety concerns, reported it to the authorities because it looked like a bomb.  It wasn’t a bomb; it was a clock.  And the kid was Muslim and had dark skin.
In my mind President Obama breathed deeply, smiled and said out loud, “mwahahaha, AT LAST, the human interest story I’ve been looking for!  Finally I’ve got THE FUCKING STORY that will allow me to declaratively say that Muslims, especially those with dark skin are an oppressed minority victim group and make it so, if anybody says otherwise, I can permanently tar and feather them as racist and Islamophobic” before stroking his pet cat Furball.

It’s not so much that we don’t have freedom of speech; it’s that we don’t have freedom of skepticism.  Well, let me clarify; you still have freedom of speech and freedom of skepticism from the government (so far), but, if you make any statements that can be perceived as hateful, you will be fired from your big job or blacklisted (just ask Juan Williams).  The only way you can get away with saying whatever you want is if you’re on the down low where your company is small and doesn’t monitor what you do or if you’re Bill Maher and will make money no matter what.

So, the narrative is that little Ahmed Mohammed was discriminated against because he’s a dark skinned Muslim and, well that’s that.  Forget that his little project looked like a bomb or that he’s a Muslim that lives twenty five miles away from where two ISIS sympathizing Muslims tried to assassinate people for drawing Muhammad.  He’s a Muslim, he’s got dark skin, they called the cops and therefore they are racist and Islamophobic.

Assuming the worst – that the teacher wasn’t just erring on the side of caution, but, indeed felt that little Ahmed Mohamed’s being a Muslim was justification to call the police given that he brought a device that very much resembled a bomb – why is calling the police to question a suspect device a bad thing?  Which therefore makes me wonder that, when Ben Carson said he would not want a Muslim for a president, why is that also a bad thing?

I can conjecture that people feel that it’s wrong and discriminatory to single out a group of people by saying that a.) they are less trustworthy with devices that look like explosives and b.) their cultural background puts them in strict opposition to their being able to be leaders of a western country.  But, in both cases, the facts speak for themselves.

Why, then I ask the brilliant thinking liberal minds of the world is there, at this point, no such thing as "Buddhophobia", "Hinduphobia" or "Sikhophobia"?  Because nobody within their religious ranks has done anything to make people afraid of them!  You might say that some dumb hillbilly might mistake a Sikh for a Muslim, but once the differences between the styles of head dress and styles of life are cleared up – therefore explaining that the Sikhism is the peaceful one – then, we come right back to the fact that, it is Islam that the person was afraid of in the first place.

Now, I’m not going to conjecture what Ben Carson might think of a Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist being the president of the country.  Maybe someone should ask him and see if he thinks only a religious Christian should be the president, but his sentiment that a Muslim probably shouldn’t be the commander in chief of the free world holds quite a bit of water.

Once we, ONCE AGAIN, make the point clear that Islam isn’t a race, but a religion, then the question we have to ask liberals is why would you want a Muslim for a president?   If Barack Obama was so quick to dismiss his being a Muslim, clearly there must be something problematic about having a Muslim being the president of the free world.  Otherwise, why would he be so concerned about denying this fact rather than just saying, “it’s none of your business what religion I practice”?  But, the other question to address is that, given that the left is so quick to accuse conservatives and Republicans of being right wing Christian zealots, why on earth, would they condemn Ben Carson's comments when Islam is even more illiberal?

Why would the same people who support same sex marriage, equality for women and an all around socially and sexually permissive culture want to elect a politician who comes from a faith that is just the opposite of that?  Why, if liberals are so quick to condemn George W. Bush as a Christian neo-con who hates women and gays, would they want a person from an even more conservative religion to lead their country?

Once a liberal can answer this question – and we hope that the answer is, “wait, no we wouldn’t want that” – then we can begin to open up the liberals' minds and perspectives and maybe get them to realize that, because Islam is a religion with a lot of nefarious baggage, then maybe we can also get them to see  that it’s time we drop this politically correct garbage and encourage erring on the side of caution.