European Holocaust Guilt Will be Its Demise
If you aren't torn by the photos and video of the refugees coming out of the Middle East then you might not have a soul. The Civil War in Syria has caused turmoil across the world. The region has devolved into a free for all of beheading and other grotesque barbarism to which General Petraeus described as a "Geopolitical Chernobyl". One could argue that it is going through its own dark ages.

Europe has done nothing in the face of a yearlong persecution of Christians throughout Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and many other countries. The posture has been one of ambivalence. They also were more than happy to close their eyes when boats with migrants would capsize off their coasts.

Now the rooster has come to roost. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of migrants are coming to Europe's door looking for a stable country to dwell in. These are not Westerners with western values. These are people who have never known freedom. Unfortunately for Europe, it does a poor job at assimilating cultures. Europe is no big melting pot. Europe has a thousand years of reactionary policy. The crusades were a reaction to the Moor invasion.

Europe has decided to take the refugees from the Middle East; Mostly as a reaction to Holocaust Guilt. 70 years later, they are trying to cleanse their souls of a demon that they cannot exercise. The refugee crisis is because of Europe's pursuit of peace and nonviolence, they have refused to act. They have become viewers of their own reality show. They watched as Christians were slaughtered. They watched Assad kill thousands. They watched as ISIS brutalized everyone. And now they watch as their identity is overrun by refugees.

They have refused to go to war with ISIS, with Assad. They have refused to bully Iran into capitulation. Instead, they roll over. The lessons of the holocaust have long lasting ramifications. Unfortunately, Europe learned the wrong ones.