Obama just destroyed the Democratic Party

President Obama's Iran Deal is about to go through. The agreement has a 25% public approval rating and nearly 60% bipartisan opposition. In the President's quest to validate his peace prize, he has destroyed the Democratic Party. As a God believing person, I know that the world will be ok. That doesn't mean there won't be dire consequences to this deal, but the world will survive. The American spirit will rally and will hopefully get past this Presidency. However, his party may not.

For all the talk about how right wing the Republican party is, the left has taken over the Democratic Party. This deal has pushed and shown that there is no room for disagreement. Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer have no room in today's party. Maybe it is time for them to form a new party. A third party candidate from the old Democrats who believed in social justice and a strong international presence. A party that believed in free market economics with a hint of government oversight.

Obama should have learned actually from the Israeli left. During the 90's they signed an agreement called the Oslo Accords. Many critics pointed out that Yasser Arafat's rhetoric did not change and was still training terrorists. Despite the rhetoric, the Israeli left forged on and signed the agreement. The left felt that this was the best deal they could get despite the fact that Arafat was a murderer. About 10 years later the second Intifada started and hundreds of Israelis were murdered and maimed. The left has not won a national election since.

Obama has ensured that the left will not win another major election. The only question is, how many people will die before that happens?