Ted Cruz is Sucking at the Teet of Donald Trump

I know there are a lot of Ted Cruz supporters out there. I too keep waiting for him to push and shine through on policy both foreign and domestic. However, he keeps shying away from the spotlight. Unless he is near Donald Trump. It was highlighted last week during the Iran rally. Trump and Cruz led the charge. Cruz seems to relish in the boorishness of Donald Trump. He looks to Trump to be the villain and that way Cruz can shine.

Cruz last night was timid and quiet. If he is waiting for his turn on the stage than he may be too late. Earlier on in this ridiculously long election Cruz and Trump had a meeting. Maybe Cruz just is letting Trump have his way and making room for Cruz? Who knows. I do know that as a policy person, Cruz has not been able to get through what he has hoped for.

I think know is the time for Cruz to stop sucking up to Trump and use his intellect to shine. If not, that we need him to do his job in the Senate.