We are Not a Theocracy!

Recently a county clerk in the great State of Kentucky took a stand against gay marriage. After the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal, couples from across the nation went to their local offices and filed papers to be legally married. Kim Davis, who is a born again Christian in good faith could not and would not issue the licenses. Here is the problem. We do not live in a Theocracy. Many people disagreed with the ruling on gay marriage. While I fell on the opposite argument and supported the allowing of gay marriage I do not malign the people who did not.

Kim Davis could have quit, resigned, asked to be removed from office. Instead she chose to defy the law. We are a nation that has laws and sometimes we disagree with the outcome of those laws. As a public employee, she does not have the same leverage as a regular citizen. She was hired by the citizens to follow the law and whether she agrees, that is the law.

I am sure plenty of clerks around the country can name 5-10 laws that are absolutely dumb, but still follow it. If people are unhappy with the law, elect folks who will try and change the law. Of course, the people who are supporting Kim Davis are the same folks who didn't vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn't "conservative enough". My question is, how is that theocracy working out for people?