Why Are Leftists So Afraid of Being Wrong?

There are essentially three ways to tap out of an argument.  There’s the polite and honest way, where you say, “okay, I can’t argue against that point because I don’t know enough and you may very well be right.”  There’s the “I’m too scared of being wrong or too lazy to google, click on the link you shared or watch your video, so I’m just going to question and discredit your source no matter how credible it is.”  A perfect example of this is when I show leftists this link to this Huffington Post article which says feminists have proven that gender based pay discrimination doesn’t exist and, all of a sudden, one of their go to sources for propaganda just doesn’t seem as appealing anymore.  The third way is the classic name-calling; “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “Islamophobic” or just plain nutty tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.  

Of course, I can only theorize why people are so arrogant that they refuse to let themselves be wrong in any argument.  My guess is that either they’re afraid their entire world view as constructed by the Hollywood liberal elite, the print media and the entertainment media at large will come crashing down and they will be forced to think about things critically or they’re afraid of having their fragile egos bruised.  And let’s face it: intellectual discourse is completely dead at universities and other leftist circles.  I find it ironic that liberals use the appeal to intellect as a way to discredit any conservative thought when their ideas tend to come from left-skewed "comedians" like Jon Stewart who base their entire act on taking quotes out of context, from reductive memes posted on Facebook or from brief video clips of Bernie Sanders angrily shouting rhetoric about how Alan Greenspan "doesn't get it.”

Whatever the case may be, the left is pretty much wrong about everything, except for maybe religion.  I must admit my own personal bias in writing this piece; I’m a secular, possibly atheist or agnostic Jew whose parents come from the former Soviet Union, so religion isn’t that important to me in my life.  At the same time, since Judaism (or for that matter any other religion) wasn’t forced upon me, I never developed the harsh Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins allergic reaction to anything even hinting that there might be some higher power.  I just don’t care that much and, to be honest, my true religion is collecting records, watching weird movies and seeing live bands play among a bunch of other cultural and artistic pursuits.

As far as the topic of gay marriage goes, rather than worrying about whether gay marriage should or shouldn’t be considered a “right”, I feel we should keep the government out of marriage altogether.  I understand that, if straight couples receive the tax benefits of a marriage or some form of partnership, gays should have that right as well, but that does bring into question whether it can then be allowed for me to marry a buddy of mine for the sole purpose of tax write offs.  Do we have to actually engage in some sort of public displays of affection to prove we are in fact a couple and not just two dudes screwing the government?  

Plus there’s the religious freedom angle; I still feel it’s wrong and evil to bankrupt a business for not making a “gay cake” and I feel, in the future, we are going to see gay couples demanding churches perform ceremonies that go against that church's beliefs and demanding that pastors and preachers not preach against homosexual unions under the guise of “hate speech.”

But I digress.  The point I was making is that “liberals” (I use the ironic quotes because self-identifying liberals are anything but) are pretty much wrong about everything.  Among the things they are wrong about include: 

1.    Their blind, devoted support of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders; when asked who will pay for all of this free stuff, they say the corporations who need to pay their fair share.   When asked what a “fair share” is, they can’t list any specific number, but they’re sure it needs to be a very high percent.  All they know is that some people are very poor and some are very rich, and savior Bernie Sanders will change all of that.  That’s called socialism, that’s what they have in European countries and it’s bankrupting them, leading to the meltdown in Greece.  Plus it discourages competition, which is what gave all of these leftists all of the wonderful technology on which they can go online to post ridiculous pro-Bernie Sanders memes.  These contradictions are lost on the left; all they know is “free stuff, free stuff!”

2.    Gender wage gap discrimination; liberals have taken the statistic that women make seventy-seven cents for every man’s dollar at face value and use it as one of their many alleged “facts” to prove there is some sort of war against women going on.  They neglect every other factor; women tend to go into less high paying fields in college, they’d rather go to their kids’ recitals than work overtime and they tend to work less high risk or high stress jobs.  So, yes, they technically as a whole make less, but it has nothing to do with genitalia and has everything to do with personal choices.  And, let’s face it: when an article which says all of that is printed in the Huffington Post, it's time to retire this tired argument.

3.    The Black Lives Matter movement; this movement isn’t so much about saying that black lives and all lives matter so much as it is about saying that police lives and white people’s lives don’t.  I’ve written this article to outline the ridiculousness of the movement, but, the bottom line is that they show zero outrage about the mass amount of violent crimes committed by members of the black community to other members and would rather focus on isolated incidents of police shooting black men who, though unarmed, were committing crimes and had questionable eyewitness testimony.

4.    Islam; in the minds of the left, of the 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet, only 1% (which is still a lot of Muslims!) causes acts of terror and, well that’s it.  The rest are just a bunch of innocent people living their lives and need to be left alone.  Yet overwhelming evidence indicates that many more Muslims tacitly approve to downright support acts of terror.  Furthermore Islamic countries are oppressive to gays, women and anyone who isn’t Muslim, drawing their “prophet” will get you killed and that their overall way of life is antithetical to anything resembling a democracy.  Oh and many are inbred, which further affects their ability to reason. Yet, the left (with the exception of Bill Maher) fiercely, arrogantly and ignorantly holds onto the concept of a thing called “Islamophobia." In their minds Muslims are discriminated against as if they are a race or ethnic minority, making criticizing the religion impossible without liberal buffoons like Ben Affleck calling you a racist.  Americans are seeing the light by supporting comments made by Ben Carson, but who knows how much more death and violence it will take to wake up the rest of western civilization?

5. Abortion; to the pro-choice left, a baby is just a hunk meat that grows in you and can be ejected at any time.  To a pro-life person, abortion is always wrong.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  If a girl gets raped and doesn't want to go through a pregnancy, then terminate as early as possible.  If she made a foolish mistake, I don't see any reason in dragging the matter out any further unless she absolutely decides to bring the baby term, since single mothers seem to be all the rage.  But, this recent push on the left to support Planned Parenthood in spite videos exposing their disgusting butchery and the pro-choice left's attitude that abortion is somehow cool and liberating even as far as the third trimester is nothing short of supporting murder.  Let's not also forget that, by anybody's definition, Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist who thought abortion was a good way to keep the black population down.  I used to think "her body, her choice" and that's fine, but we have to understand the differences between terminating early and terminating whenever.  The left sees no difference in any of this.  Also, why not just wrap it up or use the pill or overnight plan b?

I could make a whole list of things that leftists are wrong about, but the fact remains; they can’t debate!  I debated a feminist that the term “mansplaining” is just meaningless nonsense invented by misandrist feminists and, rather than refuting my claim, all she could say was that I "mainsplained" mansplaining and proceeded to talk about fedoras.  I debated a leftist woman about the totalitarianism of Islam and all she could say was that I had anger issues and that ironically I “put her in her place.”  They can’t do it!  You present facts that can be found in mainstream, even leftist media sources and they are so afraid of their egos being bruised, that they will call you names or endlessly refute sources without actually checking them.  My question is, “how did we get this way?  Why did this generation of the left become so highly against intellectual thought and questioning their beliefs?”  

I used to be on the left and all of my arguments led to dead ends, resulting in my getting angry and calling people names.  Then I learned to listen, think and actually learn about the world around me.  I have a feeling the United States is going to be in a whole heap of trouble before young people have a mass insurrection at universities and begin to follow suit.  Then again, I do like free stuff.