Does Obama Actually Hate Freedom?

Rudy Giuliani was ridiculed when he stated a few months back that he didn't think that Obama loved America. For the past six years I have heard Republican after Republican bash Obama, calling him a Muslim, an ignoramus, a far leftist, anti-American, .... the list goes on. I have held my tongue and even supported the president when I agreed with the occasional statement or policy.

This past week the Iranians launched a ballistic missile which may or may not have violated the Iranian/American agreement, it for sure violated UN Resolutions (we all know that these resolutions are very tough and are followed up by action). We also saw the Democratic Debate which made no mention of foreign policy.  I believe that the reason they steered clear from this topic was not because they didn't have an opinion or even believe that there are other more pressing issues; I believe they steered clear because even they cannot defend or can explain the President's actions.

The question has to asked, what the hell is the Ppesident thinking when it comes to the Middle East, Russia, China, and in general foreign policy in general? Is he that blind that he really cannot see that what he is doing is so destructive that he is destroying the places he professes to care about?

Could it be as simple that he just wants to do the opposite of what George W. Bush did and be the anti-Bush?

Maybe he actually does view the country vastly differently. Maybe Mr. Giuliani was correct. Whatever the man actually believes or what makes him tick truly doesn't matter. His actions have clearly shown that the word freedom may not be in his dictionary.