Farfour: Death by Mickey Mouse

"But what about the settlements?"

That was my friend and colleague Sandra* circa 2008. I was trying to convince her that Palestinian Jew-hatred was responsible for most of the problems in the region, and she was blaming it on a battle over particular bits of land.

Liberals like Sandra don't understand that the Palestinians aren't really after a Two-State Solution; they're going for more of a Final Solution. The purported new state of Palestine is to be 100% Judenrein; Abbas has been clear about that. And—thanks to the so-called right of return—as soon as those 9 million Palestinian "refugees" move back into what is now known as Israel, well, that little 'Jew problem' in Haifa and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is going to resolve itself in no time!

The settlements are an excuse. The problem is not little bits of land. The problem, as Jeffrey Goldberg points out in in this Atlantic article (which I sent to Sandra but which still didn't convince her), is the Palestinian culture of obsessive hatred for Jews.

Introducing Farfour.

You may have heard about this mascot-like Mickey Mouse character, star of a popular children's show in Gaza that ran on "al Aqsa TV" (a Hamas subsidiary). Farfour was eventually murdered by Zionists; his place was taken by an equally anti-Semitic bee and a rabbit. Farfour taught the kids that their land had been stolen by—well hey, see for yourselves. The video's only 3:23; you've got that much time.

Twelve-year-olds who are fed a constant diet of this stuff do not grow up to be 22-year-olds who want to make peace with Jews. When you understand this, you start to understand the conflict.

*Names have been changed to protect the liberals.