I Pledge Allegiance

Do you actually?
Or do you just recite without thinking? 
Pledge of Allegiance

v IMe, an individual capable of individual thought and critical analysis
v Pledge AllegianceGive my word and my honor
v To the Flag of the United States of AmericaThat symbol of our country and the belief system which made it great: The importance of the individual and of self-determination. The unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
v And to the Republic for which it StandsOur form of representative government with each individual having the right to speak their thoughts both in the public square and in the privacy of the voting booth.
v One Nation An entity unified by a political system operating under a single Constitution, a common language, a shared belief in the sanctity of the individual and personal responsibility and the rights inherent to being a human.
v Under God Our basic culture: The belief in a supreme set of ethics and morals. The belief that we, as humans, are not infallible. The acceptance that there is a higher and more important power than ourselves, Nature’s God.
v Indivisible We are not 50 separate states operating as a Federation. We are not a group of nationalities living within an artificial political boundary. We are not a collection of cultures wanting to bring our former national homes to this land. We are one group of people living one culture with one common government and speaking one national language.
v With Liberty and Justice for AllEach and every individual has the right to life unencumbered by rules, regulations and the Government and when accused of a transgression has the right to a fair analysis and adjudication by those living in the same environment and under the same social expectations.