What IS Worse: Socialist Snake Oil or Sociopathic Socialist Snake Oil?

If a democrat wins the 2016 presidential race, it means that at least 50% of Americans like being lied to.  And if you think that’s typical right wing clap trap from the Limbaugh brigade, then you’re not paying close enough attention to the news lately.

My question is not whether people like being lied to; they do because the lie is a soft cozy pillow of “yay, the government will help me through all of the hard times and I don’t have to save for the future and furthermore can focus on watching my TV programs and not worry about actually debating someone when it comes to politics.”  Of course, if THAT is the kind of lie one likes to be told, then that person is a more than likely a Bernie Sanders supporter.  

As I already mentioned in my article about why people vote for Sanders, let me re-iterate that no amount of questioning the rhetoric of “free stuff for all!  Rich get punished the most!” well convince the blind followers who have foolishly convinced themselves of their own moral superiority towards those who don’t support Sanders.  Their typical line is “ugh, you just don’t get it, do you?”  It works too!  It’s the same crap that Sanders says himself.  There’s a great video where Bernie Sanders, in the heat of socialist passion alleges, “Alan Greenspan doesn’t know how the everyman lives!”  It’s SUCH an effective trick that my facebook feed was filled with people posting this same exact video.  Have they watched or read anything else about the housing bubble, the conditions that led to the economic meltdown?  I'm thinking no, but then I also think Exorcist II is a good movie.

Their rhetoric revolves around “unchecked capitalism” and making “them” (who exactly is “them”?) pay their “fair share” (what is the fair share?).  When I ask who “them” is, the answer is never the overpaid Hollywood actors, producers or directors who make stupid ass, quick cut, ADD generation, James Cameron tree hugging crappoid, Dances with Wolves but with Smurfs big budget crap.  Or who make movies like Elysium, where they over-simplify the healthcare debate to rich=mean/poor=good CGI syfy crap… those people are never overpaid.

Their version of overpaid are the CEOs, the Wallstreet spectators, the doctors who save lives but charge out the wazoo because of their need to put themselves through ten years of medical school and buy costly malpractice insurance and the lawyers who are (deservedly) maligned for softening sentences on equally deserving rich people who commit crimes.

But, even if, let’s say, everything WAS changed so that, per Bernie Sanders (not saying he would actually do this), Hollywood studios were mandated to only be allowed to pay actors at most $200,000 a year for all of their work in movies.  Without a doubt, it would throw off the supply and demand curve because talentless or ugly Joe-schmoes with no box office draw would demand and get paid the same exact amount as the super talented Ben Afflecks and Matt Damons (oh, my eyes are bleeding from how funny that was).  

The point is: Socialism doesn’t work.  We can try to stop crony capitalism or corporatism through encouraging companies to not use tax loopholes from setting up factories overseas or encourage companies to only hire Americans by stopping the tide of illegal immigration which forces wages way down, but the Socialist idea that Sanders has of capping off income, breaking up banks and giving everything away for free is pure snake oil, the type of which has bankrupted Greece and will bankrupt the rest of Europe.  And, if it doesn’t immediately bankrupt the U.S., it will lead to a life of mediocre complacency like in the Scandinavian world of Vikings, big breasted Aryan chicks and this guy, who goes on disability because he went to too many heavy metal concerts.  Actually, hey waaaait a minute… 

Also, keep in mind that Scandinavian countries are more homogeneous than the U.S.  Once the influx of immigrants is complete, well, then the country's state of complacency will break down quicker than the liquor I drink has broken down my stomach lining. 

Then there’s the other democratic candidate, Jim Webb…

Hahahaha, where’s the rim shot?  I’m just killing it today.

Okay, there’s the other democratic candidate, the lying, conniving, media exploiting, accent changing, pandering huckster, whose lack of accountability has left four Americans dead and, in the meantime covered up how she used a private email server for god knows what, because it’s all been deleted – though apparently, as noted on Fox News this morning, she had a few email exchanges with Ben “the most talented actor ever” Afleck and Lady “the not at all repulsive, man faced stripper singer” Gaga about  probably how she’s glad they’re making more money than most Americans yet complain about social issues and problems that they’ve never experienced first hand.

If this sounds like a rant, it is. 

Pick your poison libs: Sanders the socialist snake oil salesman or Clinton, the lying, sneaky, cheating, narcissistic, flip flopping and then lying about it, email up covering, sociopathic - you have to be to be able to so flippantly start throwing out Southern accents out of the blue as if you’re some kind of movie villain who can put on many disguises and think people won’t notice – snake oil saleswoman, who even liberals are starting to be weary about, but still default to because somehow, someone who spends eleven hours back pedaling and lying about Benghazi is somehow the lesser of the two evils.  And she supported the Iraq war, so liberals shouldn't like her for that.