Did the British Start Isis? A Historical Look at the ISIS Blame Game

Who is responsible for the rise of ISIS?

More to the point, whom should we blame for the rise of ISIS?

Republicans blame President Obama, Democrats blame President George W. Bush, and currently Secretary Clinton and Governor Jeb Bush are continuing the status quo of blaming the other president.

But who is truly at fault for this mess? I’ll tell you: The British Empire! That’s right, blame Britain! Cue the music! We don’t have music? Well, just swap Britain for Canada in the song and we’ve got our anthem!

But why blame the British? Simple, in 1920 post World War I Iraq the League of Nations put the British in charge of establishing yet another nation with borders that make no sense throwing a bunch of people together who don’t get along. Does this remind anyone about any other nations that should never have existed? Thank God the Czechs and Slovaks don’t hate each other and were able to divorce their unwanted union peacefully. How many other national divorces can we say that about?

Back to ISIS, I’m not letting Presidents Bush and Obama off the hook. In my view they are both equally responsible for this mess for different reasons.

When President George W. Bush left office the Republic of Iraq was a stable but corrupt regime. The Shia Muslim majority in Baghdad was undeniably corrupt. They alienated the northern Sunni cities and citizens as well as the Iraqi Kurds. The Kurds seemingly didn’t care about what happened in Baghdad so long as they were left alone to live as they pleased, something finally possible with the United States toppling of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. At the time a peaceful Republic of Iraq, with acknowledgement of the Shia corruption in Baghdad, still looked like a reality so long as the United States remained engaged in diplomatic and military assistance.

That’s where President Obama mucked everything up. President Obama wanted nothing to do with Iraq on any level. He wanted out as quickly as possible. He made little attempt to sign a status of forces agreement and when Baghdad balked at the usual judicial agreements these agreements contain to protect the foreign troops President Obama blamed them for the failed negotiation and continued his withdrawal plan. Without the United States fully engaged in the region corruption in Baghdad worsened, and the Sunni and Kurds were further alienated from the central government.

Enter Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, who seemingly lost his mind and began using his military to terrorize his own citizens, not only attacking peaceful protestors but wiping out entire neighborhoods and cities. Calls to action were made, but the fact is things deteriorated so quickly there was no way to be certain the United States could arm the good rebels. President Obama issued a “red line” stating that the use of chemical weapons would cross that line and force United States action. The line was crossed and nothing happened. President Obama showed his bluff, and that is when ISIS emerged to fill the power vacuum left by the United States' withdrawal from Iraq.

The “JV” team, as President Obama dubbed ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), quickly took control of northern Syria, made a public showing of the destruction of the Iraq-Syria border, and began entering Iraq to establish their Caliphate.  In northern Iraq, the alienated Sunni citizens welcomed the Sunni ISIS warriors with open arms. Sunni Iraq soldiers stripped off their uniforms and turned over their equipment (provided by the United States for Iraq’s protection against threats foreign and domestic). What the Sunni people did not understand is the difference between corrupt politicians and the monsters they allowed into their towns. Instead of happily joining a Sunni Caliphate, the former Iraqi soldiers were murdered and the Sunni citizens were terrorized, forced into accepting a lifestyle of violence they had never experienced and never wanted.

The “JV” team now had its Caliphate spreading from northern Syria through northern Iraq, weapons originally provided by the United States for a noble purpose and left behind by President Obama, and oil wells. But that was just the beginning. ISIS was able to spread into Northern Africa and link with other terrorist groups there. Last week ISIS took down a plain in Egypt, and then this past weekend happened in France. ISIS is clearly no “JV” terrorist group. ISIS is the greatest terror threat the world faces today. The threat is so great France is now working with Russia instead of the United States to take the fight to them while President Obama is having unofficial meetings with President Putan to discuss the ISIS threat. Russia has moved into Syria and is taking control of the situation, looking like an enticing ally for other Middle Eastern nations to partner with. The price will obviously hit the world at the gas pumps, but that’s a discussion for another day.

With the history lesson complete, we now return to the blame game.

So who is to blame? Clearly President George W. Bush would have been wiser to continue holding Saddam Hussein in check rather than removing him from power as he held the terrorists in check that would become ISIS. He cannot escape his blame. Cleary President Obama is to blame for not actively pursuing a status of forces agreement to keep United States troops in Iraq to help keep the peace and help keep the Sunni Iraqi’s feeling safe and secure to the point they would never have considered letting the monsters into their homes. Meanwhile the United States forces in Iraq would have been able to act quickly to secure the border with Syria and prevent ISIS from ever entering the Republic of Iraq.

But the truth is all of that is neither here nor there, because the true root cause of the problems in Iraq are far older than the Bush and Obama administrations. The problems in Iraq date back to 1920, when League of Nations mandated this ridiculous state of Iraq into existence under the control of the British Empire. Instead of allowing the Kurds to have their nation, the Sunnis to have their nation, and the Shia to have their nation (or simply become part of a neighboring Shia nation) the borders of Iraq we know today were created.

People called Vice President Joe Biden crazy when he suggested splitting Iraq into three independent nation states following the fall of Saddam Hussein. Yet today it looks like Joe was right. These people do not get along. The corrupt Shia government in Baghdad, under the diplomatic watch of the United States State Department, created a policy of alienation. Much Sunni territory has been lost to ISIS, and up until recently the Kurds had been held out of the fight by Baghdad, the same Kurds being the only people in Iraq who have shown the capability and willingness to fight the evil ISIS has brought down upon the nation.

So who is to blame? Who else: The British Empire. If Donald Trump truly understood international politics and world history he would not just be talking about having Mexico pay for the wall that needs to be built along the southern border of the United States. No, Trump would be calling for the British to get off their high horses and go back into Iraq to clean up the mess they originally created.

We can blame Bush, we can Blame Obama, we can certainly blame Hillary Clinton, but who should we really be blaming? We are Americans, and it is our national duty to blame Britain and demand they clean up the mess they originally created, with our assistance of course. After all, the British may have created the mess, but it took two United States Presidents to muck it up.

Time to stop blaming and start fixing, Britain included.

But if we must continue blaming someone, blame Britain!