Doubling Down

Fun thought exercise: Imagine President Obama's reaction if Bibi Netanyahu had said that Arabs' "filthy feet" were defiling the Temple Mount.

I know, right?

Yet a similar comment from Mahmoud Abbas went virtually unnoticed by the White House. That's the same White House that was furious with Netanyahu for his "racist" comment about Arabs during the Israeli elections last year. You may remember Bibi's unforgivable slander: he urged Likud voters to get to the polls because the Joint Arab List party was getting its voters out to the polls.

The liberal Jews who still vote Democrat assure us that Barack Obama is Israel's best friend. (He's even referred to himself as the "first Jewish president" because of his love for an Israel that, as far as I can tell, never existed in real life.) They insist that the problem with the alliance is not the Obama Administration, but the Likud Party and its stiff-necked prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. In this, they are joined by their Labour-voting brothers and sisters in Israel.

But that explanation never made sense to me. That's why I was glad to see that former Obama advisor Dennis Ross, who was oddly silent during the Iran deal negotiations but now has a book to sell, confirms what a lot of us have always thought. As Jennifer Rubin says in the Washington Post:
It turns out the Iran deal really does not stop Iran from getting the bomb. It turns out Obama was guilty of the bigotry of low expectations, never really wanting to hold the Palestinians to account. And from the get-go, he sought to shove Israel away from the United States. It was not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “fault” that the relationship deteriorated. It was by design.

Which brings us back to "filthy feet" vs "get out the vote." It's obvious that Obama holds Israel to a double standard. I'm not asking him to stop it; I'm just asking him to admit it.